Bore snake help please! (995ts)

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    Hey there awesome dudes!

    I never feel satisfied after running my bore snake through my 995ts and i never feel i get enough lubrication in the bore when all is saidand done. If you dont mind could tell me the steps you use to get a good clean/ lube for your bore with a snake? Heres what i am doing;

    1. Put a few drops of corrosion x on the end of bore snake.
    2. Run snake through barrel once
    3. Repeat steps 1&2 twice
    4. Then i saturate the very end of snake with corrosion x and run snake through barrel one last time.

    But after im done and i look into bore with a light it does not make me feel like its lubed enough.. What am I missing here guys?

    Thanks for reading, you guys rock!

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  2. I use good old rods and brushes, first run a mop soaked in solvent it will soak the whole bore, let it sit for a minute and work some magic, the run the brush a few times, I usually use the brush for the next caliber up, so a .40 brush in a 9mm barrel, some people will advise against it, but these aren't match grade rifles, it'll really get scrubbed with a tight brush, at that point you could run patches/brush/patches until they come out clean, but I'm a lazy ass so I use mops instead of patches and clean them off on a towel, but this kills your mops quickly.
    When you're satisfied you have a clean bore then soak a mop in lube, RemOil or whatever and run the mop down the bore, should fully coat it.

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    Thank you soo much brother!!! Just one question and I apologize for my ignorance.. What is a "mop"? Is it a smaller patch or something??

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    use (2) bore snakes like i do , one for bore solvent or cleaner and the other only used for rifle lubricant
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    With most jacketed modern ammo, you don't need much in the way of solvents. With most modern chrome lined barrels, you don't need much in the way of lube or protection in the barrel.

    Non chromed barrels need more protection, I'd be very specific about lubing them. The mop referred to above, or a patch, will work fine.

    Obviously, things can change, but a guy dumping 500 rounds through a gun in an afternoon probably shouldn't be using the Boresnake.:rolleyes: if you are shooting lead, you will probably need to use a real brush as well. Shooting corrosive ammo? May need better cleaning. But for most of us, it isn't that critical.

    I use the Boresnake with a touch of oil at the tail. I use it two, maybe three times. If the barrel is worrying me, or maybe every fourth outing with the gun, I get out a rod and brush and really clean it.

    Some people really get carried away.;)
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    if your using corrosive ammo, a bore snake wont help you much at all. you need a wire brush, and good mop at the very least. when i shoot corrosive ammo, i will spray down a wire brush with some simple green and give it a good couple dozen pumps thru the bore, followed by standard routing patches, followed by a LIGHT mop of lubricant. you dont want it wet, just a good consistent coat.

    for modern ammo however, a bore snake works very well for routine cleaning, followed by a quick spritz of some CLP and a patch to spread it around inside. i agree, some people OVER CLEAN and alot more people OVER LUBE thier guns. it doesnt help, and it certainly isnt needed to the extremes ive seen.
  7. Mop, as to which we are referring, screws on to the end of a cleaning rod, imagine a brush but instead of nylon or brass bristles it is made of cotton or something similar, most cleaning kits come with mops and brushes in various calibers.
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    chamber/bore mops do work very well and again i use (2) of them one for bore solvents /cleaners and the other only for oil
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    If I shoot a ton of rounds I use Wire brush with hoppes 9 then patch then Butch's gun oil and bore snake

    If I shoot just a little I just use a few drops of CLP or butchs gun oil down the barrel then just bore snake it a couple times, and if it needs a little more lube i just add another drop or 2 of butch's down the barrel
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    Buy a nylon brush, you can move it back and forth in the barrel. I use the mop with oil -last -to lube the barrel, my 2 cents!