Bore-Snakes and foaming cleaning supplies?

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    So I am wanting some expert advice on a couple of topics I feel I need help in. I just don't feel I am getting my firearms as clean as I could after shooting, and I just might be missing something.

    First off what does everything think about the Bore-snakes? I have heard mixed reviews of these, some people say they damage the rifling of the bore, others say they don't and work great.

    I in fact have two and they seem to do the job, I have only used them a few times and before I begin to use them again would like some advice.

    Second, are there any foaming action cleaners out there? Something I can spray into the receiver and down the barrel that will get into all the little nooks and crannies? Maybe it doesn't have to be foaming, but SOMETHING that will reach all the little surfaces and down the barrel and really break things up allowing me to flush it out.

    It just seems that regardless of how hard I work I can never seem to get my rifles totally clean.

    Thanks for the advice and pointers in advance!
  2. I use Outers Foaming Bore Cleaner exclusively, Taurus357 put me on to it. You get it at Wal-Mart and it's roughly $6.00 a can. It works great. If there is any lead or copper deposits in the bore, the foam turnes from white to blue or green. It's some pretty awesome stuff.

    Bore snakes are great, for a quick clean of the barrel when you are at the range. I have used them on shot guns, but not on a rifle. It really does a good job, but it isn't a substitute for good ole elbow grease. Just my $0.02.

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    I have a boresnake for my 995 and it does a good job at cleaning the barrel...
  4. I cannot see how a boresnake could harm a barrel, all it is is a piece of flexible synthetic material with a copper brush embedded in it doesn't do anything that a copper brush on a rod and patches would do

    I have a product made by break free called powder blast that is for cleaning the areas of the firearm besides the barrel that are usually cleaned when the firearm is taken apart. It is a high pressure solvent that washes away powder residue and old oil and then evaporates leaving the gun ready to reapply new oil.

    It does warn about it may harm some plastics or discolor some woods, so be careful
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    Thanks for the pointers! I will have to pick up a can of each and see which I like best.
  6. I agree 100%
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    WOO HOO! I LOVE THAT BREAK FREE! This is what you need, in this order:
    I use a brush, jag, then patch until perfectly clean, then lightly coat the barrel/chamber, put it back together, use the weapon wipes to wipe down the outside, call it good, BECAUSE IT IS!
  8. I put a lot of rounds every week through both my SW9 and 995, 1000+.

    I've never used a brush. I use an eyelet patch with hoppe's powder solvent. Run it through the barrel, then a dry patch. Repeat until the dry patch comes out clean. The chamber the same way, except using fingers and q-tips. Then a light coat of hoppe's #9 lube.

    The barrel never gets dirty enough to need a brush.
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    One thing I must say is that I do not think the bore snake will hurt your carry gun. But you will not find one bench rest shooter that uses one. ( not one that wins anyway ) Most of the big match shooters will even use a chamber guide when cleaning their weapons. I know a couple match shooters who shoot Nation Match with ARs and they use nothing but chamber guides, fiberglass cleaning rods and plastic bore brushes, and they use jags with their felt patches. But they are folks crazy for long term long range accuracy.

    As far as foaming cleaner I have started using wipe-out cleaner

  10. I like the Hoppes #9 cleaner, just be careful around chrome bores and nickel plate, because it can cause pits if left on it.

    Ari I have watched either the army or marine corps ordinance people on tv making the match bullets for their teams. They weigh the bullets, the cases and the powder to tolerances that sound crazy to us.

    It all depends on how deep you want to go into it.

    I have always looked at the plastic bore brushes as a waste of time, but that is just my opinion alone.
  11. Thanks for the heads up, I was unaware of this.
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    I use Hoppe's, and then finish up with Ed's Red which leaves corosion protection behind.