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Bored with ATI Classic comp. & shroud

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My first, and likely only, addition to my new TS was a cheap rail mounted laser. I have allways wanted to mount a laser on my ATI Classic but never got around to it. I also have become bored with the compensator since IMHO it serves no purpose other than looks or a place to mount a laser or light. I decided to make some changes & here is what I ended up with. I removed the original comp/shroud & installed a combo shroud/laser both on the same mount.



Sorry for the quality of the after full length pic. I am currently on crutches & can't get to my normal photo light area.

This shortened the carbine length about 1.5", the laser is easy to access to adjust or change batteries and the shrould/laser is solidly mounted on one bracket with 2 allen bolts. I have my R/G dot scoped sighted at 50 yds, so I adjusted the laser to match the dot, pulled the trigger & it was right on the money.
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I Like it! Looks very nice from what i can see. Could we get a full shot? And do you want to sell the old comp?
robert, check your email.
I like it too, very nice and clean.

I just picked up a 995TS and have even considered doing the same to mine, but after a few days the new rails and stock have grown on me and I will probably only add optics and a light.

where did you get the shroud / laser combo?
The shroud/laser combo came from mold99 (Hartman Tool) on ebay. I think it was $52 plus shipping.

I will post a pic of my toes in my post-op boot tomorrow. Just had my right ankle bebuilt due to an MVA.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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