Boresighting for Red Dot??

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    Rookie here....old, not knowledgeable. Geniuses please forgive, and restrain laughter....:)
    I'm assuming that placing a 9mm boresight laser in the chamber, then adjusting red dot to cowitness at 50 yards or so will result in quite accurate aiming when using red dot instead of iron sights?

    Am I totally off the mark (pun intended), or is this a realistic expectation for setting a good grouping???

    Any and all opinions very welcome....but see first line of my post, please... :D
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    will get you close but allways will have to fine tune dot/scope for final settings.

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    Buy a cheap gun vice, they're about $20.

    Using your sight, aim for center of your target.
    Fire 1 round into a backer
    Realign your sight with your original point of aim.
    Leave your rifle in place, align the dot/crosshairs with the hole.

    You're done. It takes about 30 seconds.

    Off a bipod I do 3 shot groups to take as much of me out of the shots as possible. Then just align to the group vs an individual hole. Takes a couple minutes and you still don't have to count clicks.

    Take subsequent shots to verify or just play but you can sight in pretty much anything with 1 shot using a vice. For extended ranges you may need a larger than normal backer, a flattened cardboard box works really well.

    I've been doing this for a couple decades now, ever since it clicked in my head that I'm not sighting a rifle at all. I'm just putting crosshairs where the rifle shoots. Nothing you can do (reasonably) will affect your POI, the only variable in the machine is the sights.

    I bore sight the old fashioned way, by looking down the bore at 100 yards. Pull the trigger once, adjust the scope (or red dot in this case), then confirm and go hunting. Blowing up prairie dogs at 400+ yards says it works just fine :)
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