Bought a 995 today!!!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by SnipeUout, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. SnipeUout

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    Was at a gunshow today looking for a 995. Everyone had them at 220-235 and 4095 for 245. I taked to my local dealer and asked him if he would come down on price. He knocked the price down from 219 to 189 and after tax and state fee I was done at 210.

    Im excited and cant wait to pick it up next week.

    What comes in the Box?
  2. Most likely a rifle, magazine, literature, and accessories (you'll have to see them to actually believe what's in there) :roll:

    BTW: on this forum it's considered bad form to make fun of the accesories... :wink:

  3. congrats on ur 995!! now pick up some ammo, get it centered, and have some fun...
  4. neothespian

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    $210 OTD is an excellent price in today's market for a NIB arm. You're well to be proud of it!
  5. madmedic5

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    paid the sme for mine otd with a extra mag, its the camo stock, they were sold outta the black
  6. SnipeUout

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    Ok took my new 995 to the range for the first time yesterday. Bought two white boxes of the Winchester ammo which I think is 115-grain. The first 50 rounds were a blast. The gun was very accurate and had a nice kick that actually bruised my shoulder. Right around the sixth or seventh clip I started having jamming issues. The gun would jam on the first round and while clearing the jam three bullets would always fall out. It would happened happen so often that 2 out of three clips would jam. Out of the 200+ rounds I shot out of the gun it jammed at least 15 times on first load. So I figures need some cleaning and oil, as I run the auger through I notice the firing pin looks slightly bent. So I pulled out my friends C9 and its pin was straight. Then I put a few drops of gun oil on it and slip the slid back and forth a few times and the spring now make a horrid grinding nose and is slowly starting to bind a bit.

    I had this gun for one day and I don’t know what to do, it jams, the pin looks bent and the spring is binding.
  7. It could well be that one of the jams caused your firing pin to bend. Would not be the first time.

    Call hi point and tell them you need a new firing pin, (they will send the firing pin springs too) and it may be that the lips on your mags have bent out for some reason.

    Its up to you whether you want to tinker with the mags or send them in for replacement (after calling Hi Point and explaining the problems you are having.)

    Sorry to hear you had a bad day, it does happen from time to time.

    Perhaps someone else can chime in as to what else may have caused the problems.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

    EDIT Guys, do you think its the mags or maybe the bent firing pin that is causing the jamming. Got to thinking about it and just am not sure.

    Strange that all of the mags would start malfunctioning at the same time.
  8. It sounds to me like you are hitting the mag in the well to seat it.
    I found out after my first 2 jams that you DO NOT want to push the mag in hard or hit the bottom of it to make sure it seats properly.
    When you do this the top round hits the firing pin & pushes the round out of position. This can bend the firing pin.
    It would also seem that when the round was knocked out of position it caused the feed lips on the mags to bend outward when the bolt came forward & caused the jam.

    You may also want to check the rounds that caused the Jam.
    I've been seeing this a lot lately about bad boxes of WWB. On other posts the rounds were actually damaged so badly you could see the inside of the bullet.
    I doubt that this is the cause of your troubles but check them just to be sure.
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    before you throw a site on it, take it to the range and shoot it with the iron sites, you will be impressed. Congrats on your purchase.
  10. SnipeUout

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    Took it to the range today. Shot about 100+ rounds through it. I put a lot of gun oil in it and it seems to jam a lot less. The pin bent back after I bend it back and fired it. It keep shooting and the pin doesn’t seem to get worse. Later while cleaning I bent it opposite so it’s a few degrees in the opposite direction. Its either going to bend in the new direction, stay the straight or break completely. Regardless I need a new pin.

    I’m supposed to go on a road trip to a friend’s house In a week. I wanted to bring my 995 to show off to my gun snob friends and watch them gloat. So I don’t want to send my gun off yet.

    I was surprised at the attention I get at the range. I love letting people shoot its they all seem to like it. At 50 yard with the iron sites I can keep the grouping in a tight 3 inch circle. At a 100 yards the head on the target is about 1/3 the width of point in the front site. I shot my last 4 rounds at 100 yards and scored 2 in the head and two about an inch or two away from the head.

    I’m very surprised how you can reach out and touch someone at 100 yards with a 9mm rifle that cost $200.
  11. SnipeUout

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    Iron sites all the way. :D
  12. just saw a nib 995 for $189 here and i walked by :( i'm looking for a 4095
  13. HPHooked

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    Just picked up a NIB 995 at the Great Falls gun show. $185 OTD and brought it home. Will have to wait for the weekend to sight it in.

    How about a big YEEEEHAAAAA.
  14. Ari

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    I paid $195 for mine before Tax.

    If you liked 100 yards 200 yards will blow your mind... I have shot mine at 200 yards and they all hit within a mans torso. My friend who was with me had his with a red dot and that shot even tighter at that range. Though I do think 200 is pushing it I was very surprised at how well it did. I am going to go try it again with some 147gr bullets as I was using 125s.

    Enjoy it..
  15. And when you're really into some fun, and ready for that site....... I put a halo-red dot on mine and can shoot a 10 shot pattern, standing, the size of a quarter at 25 yards. BUT that's not the FUN part.

    I used it for the first time in a plate shooting competition (for fun) and putting that red dot on the plate, pulling the trigger, moving on........ I was pulling the trigger as fast as I could and hitting everything I wanted. By the end of each round I was actually laughing while shooting cause the darn thing was so good. Now, I don't care who you are....... that's fun!!!!