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Bought another one!!

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Love my JHP .45 so much I decided that a C9 was in order. So after stopping into the gun shop a few weeks and finding an empty spot where the C9 should have been I called ahead this time and picked up my new pistol Saturday!! :devilsidesmile: Finally had a chance to shoot it today on my lunch break and I like it a lot!! 50 rounds at lunch and 40 rounds after work. Not a hiccup whats so ever! Shoots straight and feeds good so far. I will be using it as my CC weapon so I was pleased with the weight and size of it compared to my .45. Now its time to order a Kholster and put some more ammo through it. Sorry no pictures. It looks the same as all the other C9's around. At least for now. Hogue grip and some other customizations coming soon I hope!

BTW I just got into pistols 3 months ago and I am addicted!
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Welcome to the addiction! Started with JHP, then the C9, and now a 995TS. ENJOY

PS: Welcome to the forum from TN.
Please let us know how that kholster works out, pics!!!! Ive really been thinking about one, the uncles mikes iwb is starting to be a pain, literally.
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