Bought my first MN

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by muerte, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Well I just couldn't walk out of the store without it.

    I was in one of the shops I visit from time to time looking for some more muzzle loading bullets.
    I turn the corner and see the rack of used guns.
    And there it is. A lovely M44.
    I played with it a bit. Talked to the guy behind the counter for a while.
    Then I finally decided that $109 was a good price on it.
    Everything looks good on it, only 1 spot of rust ontop of the bolt that will be worked off.
    Have not shot it yet but did get 40 rounds of Silver Bear ammo for it.
    Gonna give it a good cleaning and see about taking it by a local gunsmith to checkout the headspacing.
    Now to get it sighted in good for hunting...

    And yes pics will be coming soon.......
  2. Congrats!

    Winchester makes some pretty decent factory loads for hunting, I had good results with them in several of my MN's over the years but did come across a few MN's that didnt like the Winchester ammo. Give it a shot and see how they run in your rifle. The Win ammo is hands down a better game getter than the imported ammo, except for the S&B JSP's which is top notch. Oh yeah... S&B makes ALL of Winchester's "commie gun ammo" so you cant go wrong with either brand.


  3. I thought about getting some of the winchester loads for it.
    I will be sure to get some at the coming gun show next weekend.
    I plan on hunting this season with my 7mm till I get a deer with it then swapping over to my muzzleloader till I get one or 2 with it.
    I gave it a basic cleaning without taking it apart and will probably tear it apart and clean it before I do any real shooting with it.
  4. All of my MN's have been a lot easier to give a good initial cleaning to than my Mausers were. Hope yours is the same.
  5. Congrats man! Welcome to the craze they call Mosinitis..... :wink: 8)
  6. Thanks guys.

    I shot 20 rounds through it today after getting home from class.

    Was just shooting at cans si I can't say how accurate it is but is sure is fun to shoot.

    With the silver bear ammo we were getting a decent fireball as well.

    It didn't kick as much as I thought it would either.

    So far I am loving it.