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I gave her/loaned her/she took a Charter Arms 3 inch undercover 38 special of mine that she was happy to carry until she shot a friends 380 auto.
The C&A 38 was dead on dependable.
I tried to talk her out of the idea of an auto for a carry gun as she has shown no interest in the past to shoot my guns. How ever as you may know, if the wife don't get what she wants, I don't either. Were talking guns, boy lets keep it clean.
I stayed with 9mm auto because I buy a box of 100 rounds at Wally World each week to rebuild my stock pile and prefer it over the .380.
The flatter Kel-tec P-3AT just did not feel good to either of us, but it would make a good carry gun for any guys pocket.
So far the P11 been working fine.

Kel-tec P11 info from the web-site:

The P-11 is a semi-automatic, locked breech pistol, chambered for the 9 mm Luger cartridge.

The firing mechanism is double action only. The magazine has a 10 or 9 round capacity. The Kel- Tec P-11 is the smallest and lightest 9 mm ever made. Thanks to its locking dynamics and superior ergonometry, perceived recoil and practical accuracy are comparable to much larger guns. The P-11 is especially suited for plainclothes police officers or as a secondary weapon for military personnel. From the very beginning of the design and development, computers have been used exclusively. All machined components are also made on modern high speed computerized equipment. Equally advanced quality control equipment and test procedures ensure a firearm with uncompromising quality in materials and workmanship

Calibers : 9 x 19 mm Luger
Weight unloaded lbs. : 14 oz. 400g
Loaded magazine : 6 oz. 159g
Length : 5.6" 142mm
Height : 4.3" 109mm
Width : 1" 26mm
Barrel Length : 3.1" 79mm
Sight radius : 4.6" 116mm
Muzzle Energy Max : 400 ft lbs 540J
Capacity : 10 + 1 rounds
Trigger Pull : 9 lbs 40N


The P-11 has six main component groups: barrel, slide, frame, firing mechanism, grip, and magazine.

The barrel is made of SAE 4140 Ordnance steel heat treated to 47 HRC. The slide is also 4140 steel, and contains the firing pin and the extractor. The rectangular frame is machined from solid 7075-T6 aluminum and houses the firing mechanism.

The trigger connects via a transfer bar to the hammer. The hammer is driven by a novel free floating extension spring. The light weight firing pin transmits the energy of the hammer to ignite the primer. The functioning of the mechanism surpasses all applicable SAAMI safety standards.

The grip is made of the ultra high impact polymer DuPont ST-8018. The grip also forms the magazine well and the trigger guard.

Normally supplied with a 10-round double column all steel magazine, the P-11 will also accept standard S&W large capacity clips. To improve the handling with S&W magazines we recommend using our slip on magazine extension.

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A P-11 has been my daily CCW for over 7 years now. I love it.

My wife really enjoys coming to the range with me, I haven't gotten her comfortable enough around guns for her to get her CCW....yet. But of all my guns, she loves to shoot my P-11. My full size all steel 1911 kicks too much she says...

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Good for you, I carry P-11 from time to time too.

Better spend a few boxes or more getting her used to the trigger! It can be a bear, but that's one of the reasons we have one!

Stay safe.

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I am not a big fan of KelTec pistols for the simple reason that I dont like their DAO triggers. The P11 I had between 98-00 was utterly dependable, reasonably accurate condisdering it had that terrible KelTec DAO trigger and had no problems when I used S&W mags. The P40, .40S&W, was a piece of junk and was traded less than 4 months after I bought it. Every P32 I have shot was awsome and the trigger was not as bad as the P11 but still long. The P3AT's I have shot are a handfull but I dont remember any issues with them other than my dislike for the trigger.

I know a alot of folks who pack KT's and are really pleased with their reliability and simplicity. I offered to get the wife one but she still prefers her slightly larger Bersa Thunder 380.


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“I am not a big fan of KelTec pistols for the simple reason that I dont like their DAO triggers."
That was a concern we had, but she carries with one in the chamber and at this point I feel it's like a safety, not likely to fire by accident. The second problem we are still addressing is chambering the first round at reload, it's hard but not impossible for her to pull it. Hope it gets easier as we use it, or are she gets stronger.
We will wait and see.
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