bout them storms.

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    Well long put to short Kansas was hit hard I a sure you know.

    What you dont know is lighting hit the back of the house. Dont think a direct hit, However it did fry some stuff. Three outlets no longer work.

    Theputer I bought in Januaury when the wife went to Iraq, Fried silly style, Best buy fixin cu it still warantied. I unplugged the big tv and PS3 prior so they ar fine. The Satilite and reicivers survived they just needed reset.

    A few gizmo's fried too like one personal DVD player a toaster and a few light bulbs.

    surprising what survived after the loud boombing strike and the beaker box going like mad.

    Wife was scared POOPLESS, and the kid was non stop crying, Cat was hiddin under couch.

    ME I was doin the math in my head of how much GREEN I was about to lose.

    Tornado never came thank god. and I hope ame for all HPFF members.

    Took a while but I got the oldputer running so pretty much fine here.
    Well besides the nice puter ut of commision and The dang toaster.

    How sad that some of the stuf we dont think of but count on daily.

    OH and the truck was parked on a slight incline facing down hill, yea I think somewere in the area of 60- 80 gallons of water. Had a pool back there. It complementet the lake that appeared straingly at the same time in the bak yard. I should buy a boat.
  2. wow thay. Glad you guys are ok first and foremost. I try to use power strips on my electronics but i really dont trust them to much. I try to unplug stuff I can.

    Tell the wife you need a new boat for instances just like this. (then stock the freezer with fish) hehe

  3. A hurricane, you have time to prep for that. A tornado, dude, you're on your own, Mano y Mano with Mother Nature, and she don't fight fair.

    Glad you and yours are still with us!

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    Back a year ago in May we had a bolt hit a tree about about 250 yrds away it blew the power in my tower and we lost 2 tvs and the phone died as well the Maintenance guy saw it hit and was checking the whole area for damage
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    Yeah the neighbors had nothing ffail fail in there house. However the Neibors on the other side, ( I dofnt know them) have the maintenancfe people over, I am guessing something important went out at there house.

    Military housing and all you know things like the AC or ridge or what ever is considered an emergency. So they must be a little worse o then us.

    As or the other puter I had to contact HP tech support to get the OS system and some recovery disks or Geek squad. turns out it was toasted inside out. The plugs that dont work in our house are on a work order so I guess that means when they get to us.

    And the key on this key board Between D and G doesnt work asdffffgggffffffffff

    Wellyou see it is jacked up bad. it doesfnft work when I push it but it tendfs fto go on its ownfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    likfef that pain to type
  6. Umm...wouldn't that be Mano Y Mujer? Mother Nature is a B---h after all.
    Glad that all is well, I used to live in Kansas and we had some bad storms while we were their. If you do use strip plugs, make sure and get the one that say they are insured up to so many gigawatts. Then, when they get hit, you get money if they blow.
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    I think you have a point there with the strip plugs. Turns out the ones I usin are only that they are not surge protectors. man was I lucky.

    Not to mention suddenly the F key decides to work.

    Have new toaster wife bought it and replaced the light bulbs.

    Front lawn is tore up. The amount of rain washed a path of grass away so we are reseeding today. The lake in the back yard is gone however the rain made creek washed away some of the lawn there also. We arent reseeding the back.

    Turns out I am way down at the bottom of the maintenance list for mythree outlets. AC units and what not have priority. the problem is a outlet that has the test reset buttons on it is friedon the inside and it sends the juice to the other two. I might just run to wally world and pick up a new and flip the breaker and do it myself.

    However the yard debry and trash strewn about gets my priorty. Get this there is a piece f cardboard under my trucks rear tire. The water was so deep that the side walk was not visable. All water has dried up now though.

    I cant imagine if some one left a window open!!!
  8. been there my friend, I do feel for you. of course I live in central Texas so I know about the bad weather. we do get our share of tornados and straight line winds. it is dry as heck right now but when it rains it pours.

    and I live in a all steel house (on the outside). so hail and hard rain are a bit noisy in here. last month we had some hail that was as big as ... well not tennis balls but bigger than pingpong balls. man was that loud.

    glad you are all ok, and watch out for ma nature she is sneeky. :shock:
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    Mother Nature don't care. glad you didn't have it any worse. I while back my next door neighbors water pipes got blown out by lightning that struck right between us. I nearly crapped my pants but nothing electronic in my house got hurt, while lots of his stuff got fried, and then there were the pipes spewing water everywhere. Very strange. I'd research the surge protectors/power strips, I don't think anything can be counted on 100%. Luck of the draw is all that matters when you're talking about that many volts...