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I wanted to give a range report on the first time shooting my 40 carbine.

To give you a little background on me I am a former Marine and I work in Federal LE (more Force Protection then anything), I have served on response teams in the past and have been to H&K sub machine gun operators course as well. I am not however a gunsmith or an expert by any means.

Firearms I own are a Springfield XD 40, Walther PPK/S and HP carbine 4095.
Firearms I have for work that I get to bring home as well is a Sig DAK 40, Colt M4 GOV model and a tactical Rem 870.

I have trained with and carried in the past for work H&K MP5 and the H&K UMP40 and Glock 23.

I took my carbine to an indoor range along with the Magazine it came with and one I purchased at the gun shop; the one it came with was marked 40R and the one from the shop was marked 40 I am not sure if that means anything.

I fired approx 100 rounds of Federal JHP, some old Winchester LE ranger JHP, and Winchester target rounds.

I experienced about 3 failures to feed on the magazine marked 40 (this mag seemed a tighter fit for the full 10 rounds) as the round fed it appeared to scrape that plastic front clip on the mag because left a little plastic kind of hanging, I cleared this plastic and all was good.

I think it liked the Federal JHP the best a rounder profile.

I experienced about 3 sort of fail to fires, in that I guess I did not release the trigger enough to reset, each time I pulled the trigger nothing happened I released the trigger and then squeezed the trigger it went bang.

If I am correct on this I am ok with that, as I need to learn this gun, I am used to being able to feel a trigger reset such as in a Glock or an XD where you do not have to let off the trigger fully just to the reset point.

I have a TruGlo red dot on it and once the red dot was zeroed I was very pleased with accuracy of this gun. I zeroed it for 15 feet as I see this gun for a CQB style of shooting.

The carbine is very durable and the only weak points really are the plastic trigger but that can be changed, and if there are FTF it is typically the magazine. So the standard mags probably need some work.

Ergonomically the magazine release could be bigger on the carbine; if this was to be used for defense the tactical mag exchanges would be difficult to conduct smoothly (another reason to develop higher cap magazines).

I found this carbine to be very fun to shoot and at its price point it was an excellent purchase. I do wish Hi Point could or would offer higher end parts for sale as upgrades such as the metal trigger. I do intend on getting the trigger at http://www.hipoint9mmcarbineaccessories.com/.

I have emailed the owner of the Zombtac website about putting up a a tutorial on painting the carbine and he said he would. Here is his zombie carbine and it is a pretty neat Zombie gun.

I will post further range results in the future.
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