Brand new C9, have n00by Q's

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    Hello from icy cold Maine,

    My name is Craig and I just got a Hi-Point C9 for my niece, it's her first firearm and she is so fond of it :)

    I got her a total of 6 magazines (and we have a loader) so she won't have to spend all of her range time loading a single magazine.

    I have a question about the mags - Since they are brand new, should I load them all up so the spring will compress for a couple weeks?

    Also, the gun has "mold lines", do you guys remove those with 1000 grit sandpaper? Or maybe different?

    Lastly, what mods do you recommend, I am rather handy and also have a buddy who is a gunsmith (for when I get stumped) should I disassemble this gun and file / polish certain parts to make it smoother?

    Is there a way to lighten the trigger?

    Is there a way to mount a red dot sight? maybe like this :

    Any other suggestions on how I could have the C9 "rock more" so my niece has a pleasant first shooting experience?

    Thank you,
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    Welcome aboard Craig!
    First, load the mags to capacity, or near it and let them sit. Lot of people complain about the mag spring being a bit stiff initially. Leaving them loaded helps the tension later on. One thing about the magazines is to make sure the feedlips are not to far apart or to close to the rounds.
    As far as the polising the feedramp, thats up to you. I would initially load it up and let it fly. If you encounter problems, more than likely its going to be the powdercoating on the feedramp, thus needing addressing.
    And you mentioned the mold marks? That is entirely up to you.

  3. 1) What elguapo said on loading the mags.

    2) I chose to polish my feed ramp before the first range trip, but I like to tinker, so that's up to you.

    3) I haven't heard of anyone removing the mold marks, but it's a neat idea. I haven't tried working with the polymer, so don't know what to suggest.

    4) I lightend my trigger by about 33% by extrapolating these suggestions to the C9:

    5) Depending on which C9 you have, you may or may not be able to attach a sight. The link you provide shows brackets that attach to the frame below the barrel, and the Compensated version has a provision for attachments there, though (I'm not sure) this may be a proprietary mount, and the laser kit from Hi-Point may be the best bet here. If you have the C9 Compact, there is no room for such an attachment (because of the shorter barrel and frame), and you're out of luck, unless you come up with a really creativer home-brew solution.

    As for other stuff, browse the Gallery and other sections for ideas, and let the creative juices flow. There have been some great ideas for color, accents, grip improvement, etc.
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    Thanks for the replies, fellas :)

    By the way, my 9mm carbine magazine locks into the C9 in a way that I think it could work. Does anyone use carbine mags in their C9? It did wobble a little though...

  5. spystyle I use carbine mags in my C9 and they wobble ever so slightly but they work and work well 8)
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    Do not forget it will take some time to break the guns in. Mine kind of leveled out around 500 rounds
  7. The UPS fairy is supposed to deliver a bunch of Christmas cheer on my doorstep tomorrow, a celebratory dump which I expect may include some 995 mags. :D

    You may be sure that these will be stuffed into my C9 for testing, shortly after my anticipated 995 has had lunch. More as opinions develop...
  8. Craig,

    When I get new mags for my C9 or 995 I disassemble them and buff the sharp edges off the followers, then using a jewelers file touch up the seam line inside the rear of each mag. One special note on removing the mag spring from the mag body... ALWAYS keep it properly aligned with the follower and body so you can reinstall it exactly like it came out, otherwise you will have feeding problems.

    After I complete my mag fluff-n-buff I reassemble, load to full capacity and let em sit a few days. This seems to make loading by hand much easier at the range and helps with mag breaking and feeding.

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    First welcome to the forum Hope ya like your HP As for the 995 mags in a C9 yes they fit and you can shoot with them BUT [this is directly from Hi Point] they would not recomend it as they do wiggle too much and do NOT have the base plate on the bottom and they consider this unsafe. But if you want to keep using yours go ahead if you want that is the official line from the company. I am an armed security guard and have used mine for about 4 years now and I love it

    On a side note I'm a transplanted Mainer born and raised in York County just curious what part of the Pine Tree State do you hail from?
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    Lewiston - AKA "Little Somolia"

    We have many "Guests of the state" here.

    I personally would have preferred they import Russian women, but that wasn't on the ballot.

    Happy shooting!

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    You have my sympathies :cry:
  12. I like loading new mags up and letting them self-adjust. I also agree with polishing the feed ramp. Those two things make a world of difference.
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    When working with polymer, you want to stage your sanding and be VERY careful not to oversand, since it's not as forgiving a medium as wood or steel. Start of with just a FEW passes with a 500 grit, then double the sanding passes with an 800, then finish off by eye on the 1000. This will give you a polished look and won't gouge the poly if you use too much pressure.

    As far as everything else, the wiser have spoken and pretty much said the same stuff I applied to my C9, and it's held up perfect.
  15. And as for lightened triggers, keep an eye here on bushman's work. He is about to introduce (approval pending) some aluminum replacements. Comments from early reviewers have suggested a better feel.

    A more distant prospect, reuested in other posts, but deferred until the initial issues are ironed out, is a trigger with geometry providing a greater mechanical advantage and thus a lighter touch. There is no guarantee that it will happen, but it's something to keep in mind.
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    Is there any advantage to an aluminum trigger versus a polymer (plastic) ?

    Also, I recently read that you can get a mill bit for a drill press, so if you have a drill press you should be able to trace the trigger onto aluminum stock and mill it yourself.

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    Lightened Trigger
    What I have done on my HP's is to polish and gently radius the trigger surface. At least one of mine had a burr on it and would dig into my finger.

    It isn't hard to get 3 rounds a second off with the stock trigger mechanics.
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    Do your self a HUGE favor and dont mess with the magazines until the break in period is over. Give it about 500 rounds and if your still having problems (if you ever had problems) then do what ever. My C9 started out great, shot the first 100 rounds with out any problems. The next 150 rounds was FTF or FTE every 3rd or 4th round. After the 250th ish round it smoothed out and I have not had any problems with it at all. Trigger is smoother, mag loads fine and there were no adjustments of any kind needed, no FTFs or FTEs.
    It just needed to be broken in.