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So I just picked up a new C9 yesterday and as you can see I am very happy with the results! I fired about 170 rounds and I did not have a single jam!!! I shot 50 each of Independence, American Eagle, Winchester White Box, and about 20 Remington UMC. Not a single ftf and not one fte! I know people have been having trouble with the winchester so I wanted to try it out but they went through just fine. I saw a post somewhere about modified lips (radiused back 3/16") on the magazine and the lips on my mag do not look like the stock lips in the picture, they look like the modified lips, so I think Hi Point has dealt with that issue. I have never owned a gun and I have only gone out three times shooting handguns using my friends glock 22. Whenever I would shoot that glock my shots would go low and to the left. With my new C9 all the shots were dead on! Ok, so I only shot these from 7 yards but I was shooting the glock from seven yards too when it was shooting low and left. But maybe it is not fair to compare the two (I mean they are different calibers). I also found out I am right handed and left eye dominant so that probably helped too...

The first pic is the first 50 rounds, the second target with the five "shoot-n-C" targets is the next 150 rounds. I did do some rapid fire. I always slapped the magazine against my palm before I stuck it in so that probably helped and I am a big guy so I dont think I have any issues with limp wristing. There was an older guy (probably in his 50's or 60's) in the lane next to me and he complimented me on my shooting. I couldn't help telling him that I just picked it up at the gun shop and I only paid $140 for it!



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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