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  1. Just went up to Gander this weekend and bought the U22 Neos from Beretta.
    Got the Six Inch barrel model. I wanted a good .22 target pistol, and was trying to decide between the Neos and the S&W.
    Neos cost me 229$, which I thought was a very good price for my area.
    Now before the Gunny gigs me on it, here's the Photo:
    Sweeeet...i love new guns!
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    It's getting pretty stupid Butch, the more sci-fi a pistol looks, the more accurate it is... Seems the day of the 10/22 and the .22 revolvers are gone, and the Neos and G22's have stepped up and delivered. Very nice, and I hope to get a 6" Neo as soon as possible... I'd love to have a cheap (to shoot) pistol and carbine to take to the range, and a .22 neo looks more appetizing than a stock 995. Good one, thanks for sharing!

  3. Well, the look was what initially made me study the S&W and Ruger .22 pistols.
    I thought, geeze it looks like a phazer, LOL
    But I like the feel, and the grip and balance seem very ergonomic. I think it will prove accurate. Beretta is a good brand, so I anticipate reliability after I get it broke in.
    Cheap to shoot was a major factor for me. I love shooting, but the 9mm and 380 are a bit pricey for "plinking".
  4. Sometimes I like the look of the Neos, sometimes not. Right now, yeah, I like this one. I'd like to have one but it will have to wait behind a Ruger .22 for now. I think the Neos is lighter though, my Mark gets kinda heavy on the hip after awhile. What is the little dial above the trigger guard on the Neos?

    Good find, seems like a good price too compared to the Rugers. I love them but they are flirting with $400 around here!
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    You will love shooting that pistol. I (partially) qualified for my CCW permit with the same thing.
  6. The Dial is the barrel nut. Makes take down very simple, and one can switch out the barrel for the shorter 4.5" or a longer 7 inch barrel.
    (Of course the seven incher isn't available from Beretta right now :roll: )
    Best price I could find on a Ruger Mark III was 298$ from Davidsons on the web, to my local dealer. Off the shelf 385$ local. Couldn't locate a new Browning Buckmark locally, or on the web.
    Gander Mtn. was advertising the S&W for the same price, but didn't have any, and had no clue as to IF they were getting them. (Why would you run it as "On Sale" in a local flyer if you don't have them and are not sure if you will get them!?! Sorry venting a pet peeve.)