Brass cases per lb.

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    Here's a little something I found with some weights of brass. This could be useful for the brass exchange, for those who are exchanging "pound for pound". If anybody else has weights for other calibers, post 'em up!

    .380 150/#
    9mm, 117.7/#, 8.5#/1000
    38spl, 102.8/#, 9.7#/1000
    .357 Mag 90/#
    40s&w 99.9/#, 10#/1000
    .45acp: 78.1/#, 12.8#/1000
    .44 Sp: 83/#
    .44mag:, 61.2/#, 16.3#/1000
    .223 75/lb
    30 Carbine 110/#
    30-30 54/#
    .308 42/#
    30.06 38/#
    50bmg, 8.1/#, 123.5#/1000

    Thanks Ijit! I actually had weighed a bunch of brass, counted them all out etc, then lost the paper that I had it all written down on. :D

  3. Starline 7.62x25 Tokarev new unprimed: 102.3/#

    PMC 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser brass: 38.5/#

    Winchester 7.62x54R brass: 42/#

    Winchester 243 Win brass: 47.7/#

    R-P 8x57 Mauser brass: 39.8/#

    R-P 7.62x39 w/ small primer pocket: 54/#

    If you need to figure out how many cases per pound, take 7000 (grains in a pound) divide by grains in weight of the case. This is for unprimed cases. If the cases are primed, take the weight of the primed case and subtract the weight of the primer (3.4 grains for small primer, 5.5 grains for large primer). Hope this helps.

  4. Nice post guys. Thanks.
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    Yup, that's where I found it.
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    so how much for 5 lbs of .380 acp?