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Will brasso cause any problems if theres a film of it inside the case? I use it in my media and noticed a few rounds with a film inside the case.

btw- found 300 win 9mm cases today at the place I shoot. probably paid for my gas to get out there!
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I have heard that the ammonia in brasso can wear down the intergety of the brass. Is this true? If not then i may start ussing it as it is cheaper.....

....Sorry to get off topic but i have been thinking about that for a while.
Ditto, all my sources say the ammonia weakens the brass. Not an issue on a belt buckle, big issue when holding back 30,000+ psi.
Double Ditto.

I have been told never to use brasso as it weakens the brass. For more info check over on castboolits.com and search for brasso threads. A much better media additive IMO is "NuFinish" car polish.
All I've ever used is the Dillon brass polish, a capful or two per load gets everything shiny. Designed for cartridge cleaning. Nu-finish, might try that when the Dillon runs out....
you guys are absolutley right. ammonia actually dissolves the brass like acid. while it isn't visble to the naked eye, you can watch it happen under a hi powered microscope. I've actually seen it occur.
Great to know! I will try the nufinish and leave the brasso for the door knobs!
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