Break-in and sighting

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  1. I took my new C9 out today (along with my Bersa T380) so I could begin breaking them in, as well as fine tuning the sights. From 21' I was able to get a grouping of about 3 1/2 inches in diameter with the C9. Very impressive gun! It shoots better than I had hoped. I am to take my CCW class on the 29th, and I am confident with the C9. The Bersa also shoots well. It will probably serve as my carry gun.
  2. Got yerself two fine shootin pistols there preacher.

    Most C9's will settle in with about 200-250 rounds thru them, but some come out of the box and never miss a beat. Keep shootin and good luck with the concealed carry class.

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    Mine did not settle in tell I got close to the 500 round mark, But it will get better and better....