Break in procedures

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  1. Does anyone have any recommendations/tips/techniques to polish and break in a 995?
  2. I took mine out and shot a bunch of ammo through it. Then the next weekend I did the same. I've had it out about 4 times now and between a friend, my son, and myself it's had around 1000 rounds through it. I'm thinking I'll clean it when it gets a few more rounds through it.

    BTW, it jammed on hollow points the first time I took it out. After about 200 rounds or so, it seemed to feed everything with no problem. In fact, I've got all 3 magazines loaded with hollow points now.

    Don't worry about it, just have fun with it!

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    jsut shoot it like youre being attacked by zombies... that'll do it.

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    Shoot,shoot and shoot some more...... and have fun doing it :wink: