BREAKING: Judge Scullin Orders D.C. to Issue Concealed Carry Permits Immediately

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    BREAKING: Judge Scullin Orders D.C. to Issue Concealed Carry Permits Immediately
    By Robert Farago on May 28, 2015

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    Armed American Radio’s Facebook page reports “The Second Amendment Foundation WINS again in DC. Moments ago Judge Scullin [above] denies DC request to stay and orders DC to begin issuing permits IMMEDIATELY. Judge Scullin has had enough of DC playing games and violating his orders and rulings. Another pro-rights victory!” The Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottleib issued the following statement . . .

    The Second Amendment Foundation is pleased that the court ruled immediately against the city and has forced them to start issuing carry permits. By now they should realize that when we say we will do everything in our legal power to force them to recognize that people have Second Amendment rights we mean it.

    Before you crack open the champagne, this isn’t over. The Judge’s ruling schedules a July 7 hearing on whether to grant a long-term stay pending the city’s appeal of the May 18 decision. If the District appeals, this one could go to the Supreme Court, where the whole “may issue” misegos could be sorted once and for all. Hopefully in favor of gun rights.
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    Until you put the guys that slow things down in jail, you haven't "forced" anything.;)

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    I'm sure that the oppressed people of Kaliforniastan are waiting with baited breath, right now.
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    Its a start.
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    It's been watched very closely in NY as well. It sets the stage to go after NY's may issue BS as well.