Bringing an RPG to a Bradley fight...

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by elguapo, Oct 24, 2007.

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  2. You have to love them thermal sights. They are a definite advantage.

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    "What were they thinking?"

    "They weren't."

    Yup, that pretty much sums it up. :lol:
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    How can we loose? But then they have never been inside a Bradly, they don't know what they can see.......
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    I've never been inside one either, but I know what they can see.

    Rest assured, the level of "inteligence" they're able to obtain from the internet is astounding. They will start utilizing this more and more.

    No question about it, we CAN lose.

    But this war will be lost by the old men talking about it in congress, rather than the young men who are fighting it on the ground.
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    You speak as the war is lost regardless of our effort. I surely hope this is not your thinking.

    Your wording troubles me.

    I have spilt my blood and made the same mud as many other american soldiers who have fought. And we believe regardless of politics that we will be the Victor.

    Wat a shame it is that americans have already given up.
    at the start we were told it would be a long fight. Flags lew every were.

    Now people just want to tuck tail and run.

    Is it true that we do not have the intestinal fortetude to stick it out for the long haul. Or give up at the first sign of trouble and resistance????????

    Sad day to find out I served with so many other brave souls just to have the backs of our country turned on us>>>
  7. The proplem is that our army is not geared up to fight a vietnam style war, which is what this one is.

    The only way to beat them is to kill everything that is a threat or you think will be a threat to us someday and our citizens and the world will not stand for that.

    Look at the heat the guys get for shooting cars or people that get too close to them, and I cannot blame the troops for being jumpy with the suicide bombers and roadside bombs.
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    You totally missunderstand me. I just spent a week learning about the threat of Radical Islam. I understand the threat, and I understand our ability to win.

    Stratigicly, we outgun them, outsmart them, out run them.

    What we don't do is out WILL them. Unless we as Americans wake up and realize that, we WILL lose. America's political atmosphere gets smoggier every day.

    The only way we will win is if we have the will to win. This war extends far beyond Iraq and Afghanistan.
  9. That is true, we are fighting a religion, and that goes outside of boundaries. That makes it even more difficult.
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    Sorry for the rant I just really dislike 55% of our politicians. maby more???
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    We are fighting the radicals, who technically are not the true islamic religion, so in a sense we are fighting a religion. But we are not fighting islam.

    What we need are moderate and reformist Muslums to join the fight, and start speaking up. Unfortunatly all we are hearing is a deafening silence.
  12. That is the problem, the good ones are not doing a lot to help. They are only worried about themselves and their families. Which is understandable, but not a lot of help in what we are doing, which is in part at least, to help them.