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  1. Strikes again!

    So I dropped my wife and son off at the airport today; they are flying out to Bulgaria to prep for my son's first birthday on April 11th, and I'll be joining them in about a week and a half.
    At this particular airport (London Luton), there is construction happening on and around it. Part of this construction is occurring where they normally keep the parking payment machines; you know, the ones where you put your parking ticket in, it tells you how much it costs, you pay, you're on your way. Well, I asked one of the workers in the airport where they put them. The woman told me explicitly:
    "You can use cash at the exit barrier now, so just drive out as normal and pay them there."

    No problem.

    Well, it's Easter weekend and security is extra insane, so it took me a bit to get to the car, having withdrawn a bunch of money. I roll over to the exit, aaaand....there's no attendant, and the machine doesn't accept bills. I'm in a one way road with traffic behind me behind a barrier, so I can't just turn around or keep driving. I press the Assistance button, and the guy on the intercom asks me what the problem is. I tell him that I have cash, was told by the airport assistance counter that I could pay with cash at the barrier, etc. This guy then tells me, "You'll have to get out and go to a cash pay machine near the entrance of the car park."
    I tell him, "Look, I'm at a one way barrier with cars behind me. You want me to get out of the car and walk a quarter mile to the entrance and pay, then come back? I'll be lucky to have a FRAME to come back to, much less a car that hasn't been completely f*cked." And he just says, quote, "You got yourself in this situation, you get yourself out." *Click.*
    Bad move. I took one of my credit cards and put it into the slot you put your parking ticket in. This confuses the ever loving Hell out of the machine (it's trying to read a ticket) and prompts an attendant to check out the error. The machine reads a magnetic strip; they can be set to process credit cards as well. Thing beeps again and it's the same guy. He asks, "What did you do?" And I told him. He says, "Now I have to switch it to payment processing!" To which I just looked at the camera on it and smiled.
    Barrier came up and I was on my way. Yeah, it charged my card and I withdrew cash for nothing, but dear Lord was that satisfying.
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    That guy was a prick. May the fleas of a thousand infected moles inhabit his private parts.

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    Turnabout is fair play

    My level of doushebaggery squares with each advance. They run out of steam quick
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    HA HA Flyboy causes international incident. Good job Fly, English need to be messed with every now and then.
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    I'd have just ran the barrier down with the car and been done with it. I would bet you wouldn't be the only one leaving without paying for parking.

    Aren't the british are supposed to be so morally superior to Americans. Just listen to them and they'll tell you they are.
    Reminds me of one of "those" guys at a party. The one trying to hit on all the women he can, trying to get laid. Talking about how big his dick is and how good he is in bed and how he can make her cum all night. But the reality is he has a really tiny dick, and when he finally gets a woman to go with him, she takes her bra off and he nuts before he can even grab her tits, then he rolls over and goes to sleep.