Broke my freakin' leg!

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    That crap hurt a bit. Slipped on some ice in Chuck Taylors and my foot gripped a dry spot on the way down and wrenched the hell out of my foot. I have to go to the Orto doc tomorrow to get a permanent cast, and see if they want to do any surgical fixation. They have a plastic splint on it now. Man, this sucks.
  2. Ouch, man. Heal up quick!

  3. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    Good luck and get well soon.

    As for the pain well better you than me :p

    couldn't resist. Hang in there bro.
  4. elguapo

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    Good luck with that trev!
  5. you lucky dog!!!!

    "Honey.... uh, can you get me a beer?"

    "Honey..... boy, am I hungry..."
    :lol: :lol:

    Feel better soon man!
  6. Take it easy on yourself Trevorus!
  7. Sorry to hear it, take it easy until it heals :).
  8. That gonna make it so you can't work for the time being, or do you have a non-physical job?
  9. neothespian

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    OUCH!!! That sucks, especially being so low on the leg. That means that when you start to feel even a little better, human nature will prompt you to put weight on it subconciously even when your logic tells you better.....

    I know. Did it constantly when I was recovering from my fracture :cry:

    All the best for a speedy recovery! That blows.
  10. Take care of yorself, dude. Don't push your recovery too fast!
  11. urotu

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    Bogus mission dude, that sucks!

    Hope you heal swiftly.
  12. AndrewST

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    Sorry, had to laugh. Only because I have been there! It sucks! At least you can blame something for the break and it wasn't due to something stupid you what happen to me!

    Hope you get better soon, and milk the "Honey I...." button all you can!!

    Oh and look at the bright side! Now you have lots of time to clean the guns...just make sure it isn't while you are on the pain pills...we don't want to see another photo of what you did to your other leg!
  13. Sorry to hear about the broken leg, hope it heals quickly. Make sure to get all of the pretty nurses to sign your cast ;)