Broke the first time out.

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    So, I got my first Hi point, The JHP .45. I'm getting over a broken neck so only light shooting, .22 rifles and of course, My brand new .45. After doing all the recommended pre-range adjustments to the mag and polishing of the feed ramp, ZERO feed issues and ZERO jams, So I was a happy man.
    Well, my lick HAD to poke it's head out sometime.....Got home, and for no real reason, turned the laser on and it shined a wide, unfocused rectangle on the wall. Mu son looks at me, I at him and upon further inspection, My son notices the lens was missing from the front of the laser. His 13 year old eyes picked it up as soon as he removed the laser. My slightly older eyes didn't pick up on it. I'll call Monday and see what they say about the laser but overall, It was a positive first time out with the gun. Not only my first Hi point, but first hand gun I ever owned...
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    Things like that are why many of us dislike electric sights of various kinds.

    Glad the gun ran well for you!:)

    Now you can tell people on other forums, and they'll call you a liar, or a fool, and talk about their bad experience with a buddies' brothers' friend's gun, and how, well, if that's all your life is worth...but you can just laugh it off, because you can afford to buy bullets!:D

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    Very true, I can certainly say I've been "Warned" but I'm not a frill seeker, I can buy a pretty gun later I guess. But like you said, I figure I'm a year's worth of ammo ahead by buying the Hi point. The laser was a non issue as it just kinda came with the gun. 200 rounds with no issues at all the first time out. I'll call it good and laugh at their remarks ;)
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    Make sure you keep the channel in slide the the dolls head rides in clean, as I found out last week. It likes to collect crud.
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    Hi points get dirty ?

    J/K...........thats the one area I clean like there is no tomorrow
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    The channel was all fouled up and dolls head was gunked up too.
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    How many rounds have you ran through your gun, before you realized you had to give it a complete cleaning/tear down type of cleaning? :confused:
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    500 is my typical interval for cleaning with my jcp 40. I try to tell myself i'll clean all my guns at 500 rounds, but lately the 22's especially are more like every 1000 rds.

    If i had to guess the lasers that come with the hp's and the cheaper ones don't do well or even hold zero very well. The only laser i've had good luck with are the crimson trace, they are powerful and they hold zero.
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    It was the older tubular one that utilizes the clamp on accessory rail with the slide 'on/off' switch on the back of it.
    I'm not sure I'm even going to fuss with a new one. I've never used one on any rifle I've ever owned and can't imagine even an upgrade would hold zero as good as regular sights. I'll just zero in the rear sight and keep that zeroed as it's easier to adjust. I figure it's just a range gun here in NJ and if I use it as a side arm when I'm hunting in PA, I won't be looking for a red dot on the fur of anything that might be sneaking up on me. As much as I'd like to say I'm experienced enough to be clam in demeanor when that happens, I've had a few sneak up on me up there before and have to admit, I was just as surprised the fifth time as I was the first and my girlish like screams sent them away without a shot from my rifle. Probably out of pity :eek: