Broken ATI stock

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  1. muttmutt

    muttmutt Member

    I just installed a new ATI stock and fired 20 rounds. The stock broke at the trigger guard. Anyone else have this problem ??
  2. Havent heard of that happening, I would contact ATI and see about a replacement.

  3. GlockMan

    GlockMan Member

    Pictures PLEASE!
  4. stremph

    stremph Guest

    Now y'done did it.

    Let the "995 is bad for the ATI stock" games begin.

    Joking of course. Curious to see how it broke.

    Maybe an air bubble in the polymer?
  5. muttmutt

    muttmutt Member

    Here is some pics

    Called ATI today. i have to ship the stock back on my dime before they send a replacement.[​IMG]
  6. Looks as if it might be at a mold injection point which migh cause and air bubble or poor quality of polymer at the end of an injection cycle. I might add I'm no engineer. But I would be interested in know what caused it either way seeing it didn't fracture in a seem.
  7. Huggy

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    Tough break :( . I hope they reimburse you for the shipping... or send you extra goodies to make up for it.
  8. Sniper 995

    Sniper 995 Guest

    that little round spot in middle of crack is actually a mold injection point, or "gate" in molding terminology. Cracks by a "gate" usually indicate a "flow-line" which is a temperature differance in the plastic.
  9. Lashlarue

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    JB Weld it, it will be stronger than new.I have a laundry list of items I have repaired with that stuff, from air cleaner and carburetor studs to headphones.No joke broke the air cleaner stud on a race bike[motocross] raced it the next day and it held. Was still on there when I sold the bike several years later.
  10. Silicon Wolverine

    Silicon Wolverine Well-Known Member

    crappy polymer. Make them send you a new one or give you your money back.

  11. GlockMan

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    I would request reimbursement of shipping funds. Didn't someone on the old HPFF site post pic's of a cracked ATI stock? If I remember right the crack was at one of the receiver mounting holes.
  12. JasonJ

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    no way id be stuck with paying shipping.. either exchange it under the retailers return/exchange policy (if applicable) or contact ATI and tell them to send you a prepaid box.
  13. muttmutt

    muttmutt Member

    UPDATE Received a call from ATI today. They asked if I had installed the buffer. They thought it may have been caused by not installing the buffer. I explained that the buffer was installed correctly and that the buffer is showing wear after the 20 rounds I put through it. They stated that they are sending a new one to me but have never seen a stock break like this.
  14. HPHooked

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    Congratulations, muttmutt. There is a first time for everything and this one is all yours. :p

    ATI should request that stock back for materials analysis to find out why it self-destructed. But it's good to hear they're sending you a new stock. :D :D
  15. muttmutt

    muttmutt Member

    Just received a replacement stock from ATI. They would not pay for the shipping and no goodies were included. Was not very happy with the turnaround time to get the replacement shipped out. Hope this one lasts a bit longer than 20 rounds !!
  16. ATI's looks better, HP's works better and has better CS. 'Nuff said.
  17. GlockMan

    GlockMan Member

    No refund on shipping charges? How long was the turn around time?
  18. muttmutt

    muttmutt Member

    It was a 15 day's after they received the old stock before I received the replacement