Broken pin or testament to time?

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  1. I bought my 995 used from a gun show about 6 months ago.
    Since then I have put roughly 1200 rounds through it.
    The other day i got to the range, loaded a clip, turned the sight on, chambered a round and fired 8 shots....the 9th didnt fire. i thought maybe a dud?
    so i chambered the next round and (cricket ) nothing!!!!!
    turns out my firing pin had broken ( oh my! )
    i was upset at first because i had driven 12 miles to get there....but then i thought about it. I bought the gun USED and i cant imagine how many rounds the guy before me had fired out of it but i know it was alot.
    So 1200+alot= that is a sturdy gun!
    Although I was upset it broke i am amazed at how long it took!
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    Firing pin

    Firing pins should last at least 5000 rounds. Anything less is poor engineering.

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    5000 is too low. Firing pins should last twice that.
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    Tell that to Auto-ordnance, my semi-auto Tommy gun went through three inless than 100 rds and they werent warranted.One of the worst pieces of crap I have ever owned and the most expensive too.So much for you get what you pay for.[​IMG]
  5. You guys have to remember that the firing pin does double duty as the ejector also'

    All you have to do is call them and tell them your firing pin is broke or bent, and they will give you another one for free.

    There are guys here with thousands of rounds on their pins and still going strong, luck of the draw I suppose.
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    One hypothesis suggested that loading the mag with the bolt locked at the rear will cause that.

  7. I think jams dont help.

    With a jam you have the bolt back, the pin sticking out, and a bullet or casing in the chamber area in an unnatural angle. It cant help IMO.
  8. I was actually just saying how impressed with it I am.
    I bought it from my hipoint guy and he said he plinked day and night with this gun, because of that I was just amazed with how long it lasted me.
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    I had a thread going about bent firing pins.

    I talked to Jerry, from Hi-Point, and he said there are two culprits:
    1. Loading the firearm with the bolt locked back. The firing pin is out there and when you insert the mag it hits the bottom of the firing pin. Also, I think since the firing pin can rotate you can't tell if it was bent from inserting the mag (an upward bend) or a jam (a sideway bend).

    2. Not fully cocking the weapon.

    I talked to them on Friday and got my new firing pin, today. That's freaking fast service.
  10. I called on Friday they said to expect it on Wednesday
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    Sure seems like you'd get your's faster, huh?
  12. I don't suppose there a way to modify the bolt and place an ejector ahead of the pin. It seems that would solve most broken pin problems.
  13. Well, one thing that could be done... mind you this is not tested or guaranteed to work and it will definatelly void your warranty, is to change the profile of the pin and the hole where it pokes through on the slide.

    Make the end the pokes through, twice the diameter, then drill out the slide hole to accomodate. Make sure to leave a point or better yet, in the last 1/8" of the pin, neck down to the original pin diameter.

    This will strenthen the pin at its weakest point.
  14. lol i guess i didnt think that one out to well hm?! im so used to things being based out of Arizona or cali or the west in general! haha i had a case of stupidity im sorry!

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    Or you could ask Primal about a new pin in " Titanium" :lol:
  16. shooter z are you kidding me? that would be awesome! how the heck would i get one of those???

  18. Primal as long as they get a rise out of you do you really think they will stop? ;)
  19. I could ruin it all and tell you guys that it really doesn't bother me anymore, but where would the fun be in that?