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  1. I just bought this 995ts less than a month ago, I have taken it to the range once to sight it in and then ran 100 rods through it. Today I received some of the parts and accessories that I wanted, the RSCH from and 14.4" top rail from I was pretty excited to get my new parts and they both seem to be fairly simple mods then I would go to the range.

    After gathering my tools, parts,the duffel bag that I clean guns on and my carbine. I sit down and pick up the carbine and drop the magazine flip the safety off and rack the charging handle back to double check that it's clear. When I pulled the charging handle I felt a slight snag and then heard something fall inside as well as a spring moving. At that point the slide (breech bolt) would not hold itself forward. I then went ahead and disassembled the carbine and found that somehow the tang on the front of the slide (breech bolt) that holds the recoil spring had broken off.

    So now I have a few questions for the forum,

    Has this happened to anyone before?
    What caused this?
    Will MOM simply send me a new slide (breech bolt) or do I need to reassemble the carbine and ship the whole thing?
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    First for me.

    You did. You got so excited about playing with your new toys that you angered the Karma Gods and they enacted Murphy's Law on you.

    If you're comfortable replacing it they'll most likely send it to you.

  3. No luck, mom will not send me the slide, I have to send the whole thing back. I wish I would have known that it would be there by now.
  4. The best customer service in the industry

    I stripped all of my after market parts off of my carbine and shipped it to mom on Jan. 6th and today Jan 15th the fedex truck delivered it back to me.

    Mom replaced EVERYTHING except the receiver and barrel they also sent a free magazine to make up for my shipping cost.

    Now I can go sight in the red dot and 45* flip up sights and wait for my joey trigger to arrive.

    I am shocked and amazed they went above and beyond what I expected.
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    I'm sure MoM wanted to look at your gun. What broke is not a common issue. Thus SAFETY before $$$. I am glad your happy with your NEW gun!!!
    It's a GREAT feeling knowing NO MATTER WHAT - NO QUESTIONS asked, your gun will be REPAIRED OR REPLACED @ NO CHARGE!!!
  6. Mom is awesome, but I do think Mom favors Melvin over the rest of us children though.
    He's always calling her up on the telephone. LOL
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    He's the son who's always checking up on her so the rest of us don't have to. When she passes away, he'll get the house.