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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Kira, Dec 3, 2009.

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    Hey guys I was on another forum reading about cleaning guns, and a guy on the forum said not to use bronze or copper brushes on chrome lined barrels because it scratches the barrels. I have several aks with chrome lined bores and I use the hoppes bore snakes to clean my rifles. The snake has little bronze or copper brushes (I'm not sure) embedded in it. Will this hurt my rifles? He suggested using only nylon brushes, and now that I think about it every cleaning kit I have ever gotten for a ak or fal had nylon brushes. Also does anybody know if the m44, m39, k31, ranch mini-14, ruger 10/22, henry survival rifle,or m1 garand has chrome lined barrels? Thanks kira.
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    1. no they dont harm the chrome coating. the chrome is harder than the brush is.

    2. the mini might depending on model, henry might, the rest are likely no.

    nylon brushes are CHEAP thats why the military uses them. you can buy three or four nylon brushes for what one copper or bronze one costs. doesnt mean they are the best for the job.


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    Thanks SW. That is what I thought but you know one can never be too sure.