Brooks Brothers Was Never My Strong Suit

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  1. Got a question and anyone tell me if I'm out of place asking it here.

    Given a .45 caliber 230 gr. target round, what would be the general effect on a living target at 10 yards? I understand the muzzle velocity is 890 fps (can't recall the foot-pounds), but am concerned it might pass through the target completely. Since this is a subsonic round, there isn't any shock wave, but I'm wondering if there might be any other factors to consider and what the outcome would be.

    Again, correct me if I'm out of place with this interrogatory and I'll take down the post.
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    Without the disconcerting and apparently unrelated title, I think this is a
    perfectly appropriate post. Also why the hollow point SD rounds sell so well.

    Others will have a more more to add... ;)

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    Provided the living target you're shooting at, is legal to be shooting at, or attempting to cause you physical harm, of course this isn't out of line.
    depending on where you hit it, it will either:

    A) bleed and cry
    B) die

    Yes there is a chance the bullet will pass thru.
  4. Thought about saying that math wasn't my strong suit, but Brooks Brothers are better with suits. Ask Bernie Sanders...
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    What it does?
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    NE Utah
    You'd get a hole in both sides of that suit.;)

    Target loads....I'm assuming you mean full metal jacket? Should go through a person unless it hits a bone. I'm not sure how hard it would hit whatever it hit next.

    This is a hollow point on a pork shoulder.

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    :rofl: Good One, Coach! :rofl:
  8. ajole, I notice also that it was a +P round. Very impressive.

    SWAGA, THAT was a TARGET round???

    Glad to see that others are picking up on the humor.
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    Brooks Bros.? My one suit (that used to fit) was from JCPenney.