Brown bear 9mm

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  1. Anybody have any issues with brown bear 9mm in the carbine or the c9?
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    I have never tried Brown Bear but I have shot plenty of Tulammo. I believe the Brown Bear is steel case as well. I have had no issues with the steel case in my 995ts. I have however had issues with it in my AR. Failure to eject mostly. Jamming in the chamber.

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    I've used a few boxes of Brown Bear in a Makarov. It was a touch dirty, I didn't like the smell of the burned powder, but it worked fine.
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    Understand that the steel cases lack the same ductility as brass and so will not expand during ignition and pressure impulse the same way that brass will. Thus, they do not "seal" as well in the chamber. This means more carbon and fouling deposits in the chamber itself and on the chamber Shoulder. Steel cased ammo is generally "dirtier" due to this.

    In bottle neck rifle cartridges such as 5.56, it has been found that shooting steel case ammo before following it up with shooting brass cased ammo is a bad combination. The extra fouling deposited in the chamber by shooting steel cased first makes the brass cases "stick" to the chamber and has lead to the extractor ripping the brass as it tries to extract.

    But that's not pistol ammo. I've not heard of the same problems with pistol ammo but I suspect similar forces are at play just less noticeable in a PCC.

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  5. Thanks guys. I have used brown bear in other calibers. Just want to make sure i dont screw up my 995 or c9 .