Browning 1911-380

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    Am waiting on them to bring back a size between the 1911 & the 1911-380 for the 9.8ACP.

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    Looks like everything my 80's era Colt Mustang could've been. The Browning's size would fit my hand a lot better.
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    Just going after that 1911 crowd/wave.
    Beretta 84, 85, (13 rnd and 8 rnd) or Browning BDA same size, about, and more rounds and accurate.
    Ride the 1911 wave.;)
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    How many rounds does this pistol hold?

    I have Llama .380 that holds 6+1 rounds that looks much smaller than this one.

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    ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1417625695.588555.jpg
    Here are a few answers.
  7. $700!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    I'll take a nice RIA in 9mm for $500 please
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    I'll take a Para Warthog 12+1 in .45 ACP for $700 please Alex.......
  9. Tad pricey for a 380 in today's market. I see not problem with it handling 9mm ammo when that option becomes available. And it will if the 380 is successful.

    Keep in mind that the sig compact 1911 is available in both 380 and 9mm. Like Glock they will milk the 380 before coming out with a 9.
  10. I do hope that there is begining to be a surge of .380 demand so it could start being as popular and wide spread as 9mm. IT is a convient cartridge for a lot people out there.
    IF i was a rich husband looking for a gun gift for my wife. That browning would be perfect.
  11. I don't know if it is being offered in chrome with pink grips or pearl grips...
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    Street prices are usually a little less than MSRP. But I'd still guess over $600.

    OTOH, it fills a niche which isn't being serviced right now. There are full sized 1911's in .45ACP and 9mm. There are pocket 1911's in .380ACP. But this is the only .380ACP 1911 pattern in this mid-range size. It's basically just a smidge larger than the Ruger LC380. So it's essentially an LC380 in 1911 pattern, which is exactly what the 1911 lovers want. I expect it to be well received and experience modest sales.

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  13. Two things should be looked at on this gun to predict the future. If the breach will accept the larger base size of the 9mm, and the magazine has a spacer like the LC380 in the mag, then the gun will be easily converted to 9mm with a barrel change and removing the spacer. That would be a good indication if Browning plans to release it in 9mm.
  14. It would also be more apealing.

    If you can by either the 9 or .380 than swap barrels.

    Gives you 9mm for you to shoot cheap, and powerfull. Gives you .380 for nice plinking with recoil sensitive, women/children