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  1. Have seen several 995's set up with the inexpensive NcStar 4x30 Compact scopes and the eye relief was perfect. These sell for around ~$25 at most places online but shops will try and rip you about another $10-$15.

    Benny429 @ has the NcStar 4x30 Compact scope for $21.99 or the NcStar 2-6x28 Compact for $34.99. Benny generally gives fellow HPFF members a discount on orders, and is very reasonable and very fast shipper. Lot of members have ordered from Benny and he is a top notch guy to do business with, so deal with confidence when ordering from Benny. If you decide to order from Benny429 send him a PM prior to placing the order and if the discount is still good he will PM you the discount code to use when placing your order.

    I currently have a Tasco Bantam 2.5x shotgun scope on my 995 just for load testing. The eye relief is longer than I like but workable and I would prefer a 4x compact at the very least. Paid ~$40 for the Bantam scope at Wal Mart.

    Wish I could get that BSA reflex but right now my funds are allocated in reloading and working on getting a new revolver.

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    Excellent guy to deal with. Great communication and fast delivery.