BSA red dot fail

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  1. So I took the 995ts out to the range and ran 200 rounds through it but after 150 my BSA Rd 30 that came with it from mom stopped working. The dot blinked came back I shot another round and it went away again. I replaced the battery and still nothing so I turned the adjustment dial and it came back but only in between the clicks. When I turn it to 0 it is on the high setting (11) and on the lowest setting (1) it is off.

    My question is will mom replace it or am I stuck buying another red dot since BSA customer service is crap?

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    apparently cheap red dots are exactly if you cant get the goods don't get nothin'.
    This coming from a guy with nothing, because everything I can afford does this

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    If it came from Mom, I would think they would cover it. Can't hurt to call them up and see.
  4. Update

    I called mom and they told me that they told me to contact the marketer MS Supply.
    I called MKS and they told me to contact BSA and I told them that BSA required a proof of purchase for the red dot or they will charge for repairs on top of paying for shipping both ways and since the red dot came with the 995ts I do not have a specific proof of purchase for the red dot so MKS asked me to hold and when he came back he gave me the address and to send it in to MKS and they will replace it and deal with BSA themselves.

    So once again Hi Point/MKS customer service is awesome.
  5. My 995C came with a BSA red dot that wouldn't mount solid or straight to rail, had a real cheesy flip to fit universal mount. Tried to mount on another rifle with same results. Bought a cheap Tru-glow red dot from Gander Mountain, it mounted rock solid right out of the box. Kept the battery and threw BSA it in the trash.
  6. Update

    I mailed my BSA RD30 red dot to MKS on Thursday Jan 22 MKS received it Monday Jan 26th and today Jan 28th my new red dot was waiting on my front porch for me.

    That is awesome customer service, I wish HP/MKS sold everything else I need in life.
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    You know I do not think there is another company that would do that. I have no idea just how Hi Point can offer the level of cusyomer service they do with the price of their products where it is.
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    Save the shipping and buy a Bushnell TRS-25, they are only about $55 now and an awesome budget red dot. Much smaller than the BSA as well.
  9. I spent $5 and I received a new rd30 in less than a week.