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My 995 came with laser, but I took it off due to the slightest "knock" would move the beam. I was thinking about a red dot sight, but I don't know anything about them. Can you still use iron sights when using red dot? Is it highly magnified? Does it emit a red dot on target in front of you or is red dot only seen in scope? Any information would help a lot and be greatly appreciated. The tempo and over all mode of this forum is great.

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A red dot scope does not project a dot. he dot is seen in the scope and most are adjustabe for the size displayed.

The rear sight will need to come off to allow the red dot scope to be mounted on the rail that I assume accompanied your weapon. There is a 3rd party option for the 995 that alloows a red dot scope to be mounted above the out of the box rear sight, but that would be a separate purchase.

Seemingly, the laser that your weapon came with isn't mounted correctly, Is it mounted on a rail in the front or attached directly to the barrel?
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