Budget Cross bow update [warning, there will be blood]

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  1. Earlier in the year I purchased a CHEAP cross bow. $80 from Rural King in store. http://www.ruralking.com/mtech-jaguar-175-lb-recurve-camo-crossbow-cr-013a2.html
    From the beginning I was happy with it, easy to put together and more accurate than I expected. I wasn't sure how it would actually preform with broad heads, and arrow speed.
    as you can see from the old thread http://www.hipointfirearmsforums.com/forum/f276/new-toy-315132/

    I purchased some Muzzy fixed broad heads, re-zeroed it to the demise of my field point bag. :(

    Archery started Saturday. I had a good spot 20 yards from an apple tree, and 30 from an oak tree that I had seen the deer frequenting.

    Last night I sat there until 7:00 and a nice 1.5 year doe came out. I played my patience, because Saturday I took a shot as one was walking, and miserably missed.

    After what seemed like an eternity she stopped walking and wasn't looking at me. Bow up, and WACK.

    The arrow went through both rib cage walls and turned the lungs into bits.

    I must say I am impressed complete penetration from such a low priced bow and broad heads.

    I'll get about 35lbs of meat out of her.

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  2. Atomic_Ed

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    Been thinking about adding a cross bow to the collection. This may have convinced me. Nice shop BTW.

  3. Think1st

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    Yeah, that certainly looks like much more than the home garage.:cool:

    Good catch on the deer. You'll be eating that for awhile.
  4. Bull

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    Nice Elsey!
  5. man i thought he meant nice shot :(

    Just kidding, it is quite a garage, but it is not mine. It's my fathers.

    how he makes a living. 4 bay's 2 Lifts, and a couple vo-tech students for helpers.

    He has come along way. When I was a kid he was putting in 10 hours at the Honda dealer, than working out of our attached 1 car garage on his back.
  6. Thanks, Read my other thread first, i had to buy a rope cocking aid because the 175lb was just to much for me. But in the end I am thrilled with the purchase, $80 is a great deal for such a versatile tool.
  7. undeRGRound

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    I saw those in the flyer, I should snag one ;)
    It will help Mole keep the "hoard" :D
  8. I would certainly consider it a great survival tool.

    silently take deer and turkey. People talk about small game to. But im not good enough to be snagging a squirrel with it yet.
  9. Rachgier

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    Seriously, I thought you shot yourself with it or took a filet of flesh off yourself in a mishap....

    Good stuff though. That meat just paid for the crossbow.
  10. Ha, I hadn't thought of it. But it brings up a good point. If you look at the bow there is a enlarged section to hold onto. And an opening for your fingers UNDER the top guide rail for the bolt.

    This is a safety feature, to keep you from putting your thumb over bore so to speak when shooting.

    Something my dad's Horton crossbow does not have. and something my co-worker sure wishes his had. Because his thumb is indeed half the width it once was.

    Thanks for the compliment, she will be tender the steaks never get frozen with my house hold. We wait the one week for it to age and then start eating tenderloin and back strap. Its just so damn good. And this is the perfect sized deer for tender yet not tiny steaks.
  11. MaryB

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    I really need to get a crossbow but it will have to have some sort of crank cocking device on it.
  12. I have seen those, never tried one. The rock cocking device i have was a huge improvement. It makes it so you lift with your legs instead of your arms and cuts the felt weight in half. But if that's still to much the crank will be the way to go.

    the crank has actually gone way down in price recently. they used to be $120+. now its listed $60.


    My rope cocking aid was $20

  13. since I like to brag( I know its not a good quality). Cut these babies up last night. Had one piece of back strap while I was cutting up the legs into ground meat.


    got a total of 35lbs of meat. not counting the soup bones.

    Steak pics.

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  14. Dane

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    Plenty of them on craigslist around here. Usually the TenPoints. Here is one example for $600


    2007 Tenpoint Blazer HP crossbow with Accudraw system.
    BRAND NEW CONDITION! NEVER FIRED! this bow has been a safe queen since purchase,comes with:
    3x32 scope
    12- carbon fiber shafts
    9- field points
    3-broad heads
    This crossbow shoots 311 fps with 175lb. Draw weight.
    This crossbow listed for over $1000.00 new and is top quality.
  15. Dane

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    These Jaguar crossbows were down to $70, but have crept up to $75 at RK still.
  16. JasonJ

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    My brother just got one of these Jaguar x-bows... looks like a great entry-level bow to get into hunting with one. I look forward to shooting it. I'm more of a traditional longbow/recurve guy, but for a survival or hunting scenario, one can NEVER question the efficiency of a good crossbow.

    Beautiful animal you harvested, have a steak, lightly seasoned, cooked to med-rare for me.
  17. Outlaw

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    I kinda like mine. Empire Beowulf :D

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