Buds Black Friday Sale

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Visper, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Visper

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  2. harcdaddy

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    They probably have one of each for that price, just to grab everyone's attention.

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  3. Visper

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    If you read the announcement in the link I provided they say they have a "large amount in stock" (read it in the comments section).

    I know I'll go check it out.
  4. Gotta be an error, but I will certainly call them Friday to see if it is true. If true I will try to snatch a Canik Monday.
  5. tallbump

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    I saw a few posts yesterday saying that the sales prices are true.
  6. wganz

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    Given the publicity that has given them

    Offering a couple hundred at that price is the best advertising gimmick ever.

    Get a couple hundred thousand shoppers in a buying frenzy to hit your site and have a counter showing how many were sold. They would be there with credit card hot and ready to buy. They're not going anywhere else to buy anything. As long as the servers don't melt and turn to a slag of molten plastic & silicon. I'd hate to be the sysadmin on that web site. Hope they contracted out for the proverbial buttload of extra servers for Friday.
  7. SWAGA

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    Makes you wonder what their cost price really is...
  8. Visper

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    Yea... my thoughts too!

    PSA is having some decent sales too, so many things, so little money... wish my kids were all grown up so I wouldn't have to be Santa and get me some stuff for ME!!

    But nahhh the looks on their faces Christmas morning are too priceless, I'm going to enjoy it as long as I can!
  9. Well as of 8:00 am there website has crashed. They open at 9 so I will have to make an attempt to call them. Like their phone lines won't be overloaded also.:rolleyes:
  10. Visper

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    Yeah... had them in the cart, kept crashing. When I finally got it to load they were sold out...
  11. Can't reach them online or on the phone. I just knew the deal was too good to be counted on.
  12. Grant

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    Same story here. I only tried for the shotgun deal and could never get to the checkout screen.
  13. Bad thing for them is this sale will hurt them on sales. If you can't get through to make a purchase on the sale items, you can't get through to purchase a regular priced item which makes them money.

    They screwed up.
  14. Because of this crap, I will never use Buds.

    I'm anenterprise IT guy, in understand the pitfalls of what they did. I accept server bandwidth overload. But I can't forgive them for what I saw.

    I was able to add the Canik S-120 to my cart for $99.00. I was even able to log in. I had to retry checkout at least ten times. Finally I got to that screen and all looked great. It was when I tried to pay that the crap happened and it's a good thing my wife beat into my head to verify before clicking purchase. On that screen, Buds had changed my purchase price to $349.00. Screw that.

    So I searched for Black Friday again and they had another 9mm for $99.00, I think it was a Tisas. What the heck. It even added to my cart. Same crap happened. When I go to purchase, $349.00.

    Buds lost someone who would have been a great customer. And I'm going to tell everyone I know who is into firearms.
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  15. Yea the 99 dollar gun is not even showing now. Looks like a marketing gimmick that backfired on them. This not the way to do business and keep customers.
  16. I got through on the phone and she said prices are adjusted after checking out. Yea right, I had that happen with Centerfiresystems, and I had to make a angry phone call to make it right.

    Again, not the way to do business. I am highly disappointed with them.
  17. I've never bought from Bud's but I've been looking at Canik for while and when I saw the $99 I was all over it.

    At least I thought I was. Other than buying on Gun Broker my LGS will get all my business from now on. Thanks Buds, you've saved me the trouble of ever looking at your website, let alone buying from you. Don't know that it was intentional but at the very least it was poor planning.
  18. cicpup

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    The good ole' "Bait & Switch". Who saw that coming?

  19. Seriously. I don't even bother with "door busters" all you ever get is frustration and anger. When you should just be happy to have days off work.

    I stayed in and off the Internet this black Friday. I played nerf guns with my kids and set my dad's tree stand up.

    Way more full filling than fighting over cheap guns :)
  20. cicpup

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    It's an age old gimmick. "Come on down to our Blow Out Sale! Car stereos as low as $5! Thousands in stock!" Horse poo poo. Sure they have plenty in stock. To screw you with. Because by law they only need to sell one stereo at $5 to cover their asses against false advertizing. After that first lucky bastid claims his prize, all bets are off. And the reason businesses still do it? Because suckers fall for it.

    Mega kudos to Stromm's wife for catching it. That's $250 you would have never seen again.