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  1. monsterdawg

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    Did a search and didn't find anything. What do you all carry in a BOB? How heavy is too heavy? Do you have one in each car, workplace, home, or carry one with you wherever you go?

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  2. tonka45

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    Lots of posts and discussion on this.
    Tailor to your needs.

    Buy a good bag, I prefer Maxpedition. Pricey, but many styles and great quality.

    I have an emergency bag in each vehicle.

    And one with me set up for a weapon.

    Here are some things you may want to consider:

    • Flashlight
    • batteries
    • knife
    • multi tool
    • Kleenex
    • hand sanitizer and/or wipes
    • electrical tape
    • duct tape
    • heavy duty plastic strip ties (can be used for cuffs, securing items, etc)
    • first aid kit - small one with essentials (unless you are a trained EMT, medic, nurse, or corpsman)
    • sewing kit
    • extra eyeglasses (if you wear them)
    • extra mags/ammo
    • cleaning kit for weapon
    • space blanket
    • chap stick
    • fire starter/lighter
    • pen and paper
    • whistle
    • compass
    • wire saw (multiple uses)
    • I have a set of mini binos in one bag
    • cell phone charger (unless the grid goes down completely :) )
    • in cars I have a folding entrenching tool
    • sunglasses
    • toilet paper
    • If wife is going -pack some tampons (excellent blood absorber)
    • prescription meds if you need them

    Its easy to overload, but most stuff will fit in a smaller bag if you look for smaller items.

    Anyway just some thoughts...
    Good luck
  3. cicpup

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    50 Slim Jims and a six pack. Or is that my picnic basket?

    If you have to grunt when you lift it, it's too heavy.
  4. If you bug in you don't need to carry anything. :D
  5. monsterdawg

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    I live about 30 miles soutwest of St Louis. A coworkerives about 30 miles west of St Louis. We travel to southern IL alot, Carbondale, Carlinville, Peoria and sometimes Springfield or KC MO. We talk about what to do if there was an event that caused power outtages and vehicles not to run and we wanted to get home. We figure we could walk about 10 miles a day, hopefully more. Then we argue about how long it would be before people went crazy and started taking what they could from everyone else. I usually have my G17 with me and he has a G40 (or whatever the single stack 45 is called). I have 3 loaded 17 round magazines and he has 2 loaded 6 round magazines. I'm trying to decide what I would need and could carry to hopefully get home or survive long enough for power to be restored so I could call someone. We would almost certainly have to cross at least one major river, and may want to avoid major bridges. It's really alot to think about and consider, with people most likely being the biggest threat.

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  6. Atomic_Ed

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    We have two of these that we have augmented. One in each vehicle. Some extra protein bars, wire saw, para cord, and waterproof matches. I plan to throw in an HP-22 pistol with a sealed can of 22 lr., 325 count into each bag.

    Tonka45 has some good ideas for items I need to add.

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  7. FlashBang

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    Sounds like your daily dinner. :D

    I grunt whenever my wife talks to me.... wait, your right! ;):D

  8. Bull

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    And that my friends, is how you end up sewn into your bed, and set on fire!.....
  9. Think1st

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    I posted these on the other thread about BoB guns. While I firmly believe that bugging in is the wisest course of action, it is also a good idea to be prepared to displace from the bug-in location in the event that fate forces your hand. This bugout bag is designed for 72 comfortable hours and is contained within a 5.11 72-hour pack. I've never stuck it on a scale, but comparing its relative heft to a 30-lb dumbbell, it feels like it ways about 35 pounds.

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  10. diamondrattler

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    Pretty good lists. I am starting to get one together.