Bug Out Bags?

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    There's been discussions here about BOG contents, medical kits, knives, etc. Exactly what is everyone using to carry your stuff in? I can easily think of more stuff that I'd like to take than I'll ever have room for. Tell me about your packs, vests, whatever.

  2. i use big cheap duffle bags from wal-mart and my old army packs and vest.

  3. I've got three of my Navy seabags, two camo zip bags from Bass Pro, four big duffle bags from the surplus store as well as several small canvas bags. All of them are packed and ready to roll. We could have the truck packed and be out the door in about 20 minutes. All my weapons are stored in either canvas bags or rifle bags and the ammo is stored in ammo cans.

    Unpacked, I could fold every bag I own and all of them would fit into one Navy seabag.
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    We have small backpacks for each family member, one big duffel, medical kit (that can be strapped to something else), one tupper of food, and several watter carriers. We have 560 gallons reserved for buggin' in.
  5. I am using a USGI M.O.L.L.E II pack. I use this bag on hikes as well as a bug out bag. Theres 3000 cubic inches in the main sack and has a "sleep system carrier" on the bottom for my sleeping bag.
  6. I use a large ALICE pack for a get home bag. Keep it behind the seat of my pickup, which unfortunatly forces me to keep half my gear in another ditty bag, fully loaded it wont fit behind the seat.
  7. For a whole family bug out we have several shoulder type bags, my old Navy sea bag and everyone has a bookbag sized backpack. In the event we have to bug out the vehicle will be our main mode of transportation so the bags are no big deal.

    If we have to ditch the vehicle and walk then our day packs have enough space to empty the larger shoulder bags into so we can divy up the weight. The old sea bag used to work great, but since I had my back problems it may be replaced soon with a different pack.

    For general Get Home Bags the wife has a day pack in her vehicle and I keep on in my vehicle. Very basic stuff in those and set up for a 20 mile hike or 24hrs.

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    I'm using my large ALICE pack. I carry the bulk of the gear, while the wife and child have their basic gear plus a share of the food.

    If I had to do it all over again: I woulda asked for a Large ALICE pack. As it is, I have to make do with the Medium.
  9. I have a couple of old army duffel bags and an airforce flight bag that I could put to use
  10. I use the "Get Home Belt" from Armchair Tactical...
    Exterior Pack view

    Top Pack View
    The panel pack has a heavy duty carrying/grab handle in the top. The top opens to receive the bladder…

    Side Pack View
    Extra attachment points on side of pack…

    Front View of Empty Belt

    Back View of Empty Belt

    This is the loaded Belt..

    Both the Panel and Belt together

    Again, Panel and Belt, Ready to go..
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    Just starting to put one together. Bought one of those German Army Surplus backpacks from Cabela's. Not too large, but very, very good quality and only like $20 some bucks. Last time I was over at the store locally here, the girl told me that they were temporarily sold out.

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    A few good thing to have in a B.O.B. are.

    Two pie tins that have handles on the lip. - Can be used to melt ice {Ice gives more water then snow.}, Dutch oven , diner plates, foot warmer, frying pans and bed warmer.

    Zip ties the big black ones. - Making shelters, mending gear, tying up prisoners and a lot of other uses if it wasn’t this late.

    Coat hanger. - Cooking food, fishing, mending gear, making handles for cup and pie tins.

    Waxed dental floss. - Trips for perimeter defenses, fishing line, sutures, mending clothing and gear.

    2 Vinyl tablecloth protector 60â€x90â€. - Shelter, water collector , bath tub, rain gear, ground cloth or body bag.