bug out boat side shot

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  1. Thats a nice set up!!!! How long do you get out of the batteries?????

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    Cool! I need to see a video of that in action.
  3. Good call!!
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    It's never been the water

    I built it for two people and my son left to live with his mom. I'm a boat mechanic. I wll use solar panels and rest during the day and travel at night with night vision. I'm sure that with night vision I can claim any game that's in this area.
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    I removed the poles to make it wider. I decide to use galvanised pipe. I only payed 100.00 for the waterbike and they sell for around 1500.00. I have ben restoring boats for over 20 years. I know what works and won't work.
  6. When I lived in S Ga, on Lake Seminole and the Flint River, a friend had a similar rig, we called it his puddle jumper. He had a trolling motor on the front and a very small gas motor on the rear. A 5gl tank would run for a week or more and propelled it a bit faster than the electric did.

    When I lived in Jacksonville Fl, back in the 80's, I had a square back canoe and had a small gas powered motor for the rear and trolling motor on the front and that was what I used to explore all the rivers and swamps with. I took a number of trips into the Okefenokee Swamp of S Ga with that boat, some were complete weekend deals and others lasted 4-5 days at a time. I had plenty of room for a weeks worth of gear and it was very easy to handle in and out of the water. Only down side is this was not an open water boat, it was better suited for back water use and in area's that were too narrow/shallow for larger rigs.
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    My brother has an old 16 ft catamaran that is missing a bunch of parts. The deck and mast are gone. We were going to resurrect it as a fishing rig but never had the time. It's still in the back of my folks place.

    As big as that thing is I could almost build a house boat out of it.
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    pontoon if all you need

    I have spent years looking for something like this. I can travel skim across water thats 2 foot deap and can pull it along to deeper water. I have guns and fishing gear as well as a frog gigs. Use your imagination. It will take people like us to live without the sign. I would rather die than to take the sign.