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  1. Hi all,

    My parts start arriving today! ATI stock, laser, flashlight, rails, halo-scope, bipod, shroud.

    Any input on where the laser / light are mounted best? I've seen a bunch of pics, and some in different spots - so is there a reason to or not to for some location? Also, both have pressure switches - any input on where / how to mount them the best? I'm trying to imagine how I might use/hold the new beast and where the pads should be - but many of you are "experts" in the UBG department, so I'll come here first!

    Any other inputs also welcome.

    Good news, I just realized all the build directions that were captured on the old site are also now GONE! Bummer. I'll take pics and capture my build to post for others.
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    Well I don't have a light on my ATI stock yet but if I were to mount it up I would put it on the left side of the hand-guard all the way up near the barrel.And if mounting 2 pressure activated accessories i would probably put on on the left and the other on the bottom of the hand-guard. I think that would look so much better than one on each side.. Laser on bottom and light on side.. Just my .02

  3. I would go with a constant on rear button light on the left and the laser on the right or under the barrel (ATI laser). Then have the pressure pad on the laser on the left side where the thumb naturaly rest.

    theres my .01 lol
  4. evening folks....... here's phase 1 done!


    Couple of points and such: My ATI fit 98%, had to groove 1 hole on the receiver cover, took about half hour to get fit right. Realized after the gun was assembled I had to put scope rail on before assembling cover..... DOH! Barrel shroud is cool. Bipod is cool. I'll do laser and light tomorrow.

    I like the light being switch on versus pad, and I like the laser being pad. I'm not sure how I feel about the pressure switch wires running about, but I can live with it I think. It does look pretty cool!

    I need to get a sling, butt pad. I ordered 2 more mags from HP and they should be here in day or so. Can't wait to shoot her!
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    I had the Same issue with the Receiver cover on my ATI install also.. sucks, but oh well.. it sure does look good!
  6. I had the same issue had to do some minor fitting. And we must have shared the same brain when you and I did our 995's. Dumb scope rail lol. glad to see I wasnt the only one!!!!

    Looks sweet man. If you havent shot it with the ATI stock it makes a world of change!!!!! Feels rock solid
  7. I added a different kind of rail to make it tacticool then the stock scope rail
  8. no bang yet, hope to get lunch at the range today. I'll see if I can get more pics up too if anyone's interested. This WAS FUN to do.
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    You 995 jerks, I mean don't get me wrong I THINK IT IS JUST JEAULOUSY.

    No good mods for the 4095,

    SO I ask does that barrel shroud fit the 4095???

    Skate that sure is lookin good.

    good luckwith the range.
  10. Man you guys need to stop posting pics of all these great 995's. I was happy with mine in stock form. Now im going to have to do a build on it.
  11. Hey Newskate did you order all those goodies from the same place? Got some websites for us?
  12. orders.......... here you go guys - this is our own Benny429's site. Got the stock, laser, light, bipod, and rails for a great price, and his service his second to none. - halo scope - great sale. Looks cool, I haven't shot it yet. Benny has some great scopes on his site too.

    the shroud I got from - a bit expensive but worth every penny once you see / hold it. very responsive to email contact as well.

    Had no need to contact midway directly but their responses and shipping were spot on. The other guys were first class back and forth with Q&A.

    Really a terrific experience.
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    Looks Good!

    Let us know how that Red Dot Sight works out. I like the looks of it...
  14. Okay boys [and girls], my range report from my first shoot. I know this should go in range reports but it flows form this thread. Here I go.....

    1. HOLY CRAP! Is this thing FUN to shoot!

    2. Did I say HOLY CRAP yet?

    3. Here's some pics. Started on the 25 yard range, shot 5 that were low and left. Made adjustments, shot 5 more. Using the halo scope and the bipod - 5 in the black


    4. New target, 25 yards.


    5. Move out to 50yds. Shot 5, seemed centered but were high???? I don't get that. Adjusted one click down, then shot 5 more.


    6. New target, no adjustments, shot 5 more.


    Then I ran out of light. The targets are 1" rings. Using a halo site with not magnification it seems like a pretty decent shoot. Next I want to try loading up all my mags and fast firing with the scope and no bipod.

    Man, this is totally fun. I cannot imagine what you guys feels with your AR's and other hardware. Going to put the laser and light on here at some point too. Get a sling on her....... wow.
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    I have that same problem. I rarely shoot my 995 past 20-25 yards. At 25 yards I can waller out the bullseye with rapid fire when using the bi-pod.

    If I do try to shoot at 50yards the shots are high. I thought there would be a little drop, if any at all with an additional 25 yards.

    I would love to here why this is happening myself.
  16. phew............ so I'm NOT nuts! :lol:
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    You are... Just not about this. :wink:
  18. If I am not mistaken, the bullet rises to a certain extent and then drops.

    If you zero a 995 carbine in at 25 yds, it will be high at 50, a little lower at 75 and back on target at 100 yds

    That is what I have read anyway. :?