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Build Input

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Hi all,

My parts start arriving today! ATI stock, laser, flashlight, rails, halo-scope, bipod, shroud.

Any input on where the laser / light are mounted best? I've seen a bunch of pics, and some in different spots - so is there a reason to or not to for some location? Also, both have pressure switches - any input on where / how to mount them the best? I'm trying to imagine how I might use/hold the new beast and where the pads should be - but many of you are "experts" in the UBG department, so I'll come here first!

Any other inputs also welcome.

Good news, I just realized all the build directions that were captured on the old site are also now GONE! Bummer. I'll take pics and capture my build to post for others.
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Nice job on the mod NewSkate.
Do you have links for larger images? Everything looks awesome, but kinda hard to see the details....
Beautiful 995 there Jim, welcome to the forum!
WOW!!!! That is some COOL modification NewSkate!!!!!

Did you buy those goodies off the internet or from a local gunshop? I just might have to get me some of that stuff.... :shock:
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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