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Build Input

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Hi all,

My parts start arriving today! ATI stock, laser, flashlight, rails, halo-scope, bipod, shroud.

Any input on where the laser / light are mounted best? I've seen a bunch of pics, and some in different spots - so is there a reason to or not to for some location? Also, both have pressure switches - any input on where / how to mount them the best? I'm trying to imagine how I might use/hold the new beast and where the pads should be - but many of you are "experts" in the UBG department, so I'll come here first!

Any other inputs also welcome.

Good news, I just realized all the build directions that were captured on the old site are also now GONE! Bummer. I'll take pics and capture my build to post for others.
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After seeing several ATI 995 conversions on the forum, I have got to say, when you add a good looking shrould, home made or purchased, it adds a great over all appearance and balance to the looks of the 995.
Good looking guns, guys!
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