building a 1911 from the frame up

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  1. has anyone here done this? and whats a good frame to start with? i would like to stay away from 80% frames if i could because i do not have any means to cut the rails (and i dont trust a black and decker thing (forgot name) to do the job right)
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    I have built 5 of em over the last 15 years, In all cases i have used Auto Ordinance Frames, AOC from Gun parts Corp , New York. (NUMERICH). They also sell them under the Name Thompson, TGM. Takes a lot of patients and some simple hand tools but works very well. You can use any of the parts avail on the market from Mil spec (surplus) or Wilson , Ed Brown etc. Find a gunsmith that deals with Brownells there is a store house of 1911 frames parts and accys. Good luck.

  3. thanks for the info A.C.P were any of the 5 you built anything other then .45?
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    This I would like to know more about... ( As I want to do this very bad) How much do you think you have into one of the 45 you built? (Or should I say how much did you save) I have been told that there a few parts in the frame that is really hard to get in.

    Tell us more :lol:
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    How does the cost compare to building from scratch and buying a completed 1911?
  6. Try searching for Fusion, it's a company that has forged 1911 kits with most of the machine work that requires special equipment already done, the final fitting and other work can be done with hand tools.
    They do come in different calibers and configurations for about 6-700 dollars. You'll still need some other compnents and some refinishing.
    This is an inexpensive build your own, the sky is the limit on how much you can or want to spend.

    Look at spending about 1k minimum, you can buy any number of decent quality 1911's for less, SA - pretty nice setup in stainless about $700, Entry level Kimber for about $700.
    Want a decent shooter out of the box with alot of potential go with the SA or base Kimber.

    If you want to shoot a 1911 new out of the box and learn about upgrading and such without spending that much on initial investment go RIA.

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    Wow lotsa questions, First of all i have less than 300.00 into any one of em, and thats including NEW parts. I have 3 different ones that i own, by different i mean 1 target, 1 wall hanger (ill try post pic) and one knock around, ie: carry, can get scratched etc. Also the last one is set up for the 400 Cor-bon conversion which i have a separate slide and bbl for. Thats one HOT round.
    There are No difficult parts to install that i found, however there are some parts that need to be installed correctly, ie disconnector sear trigger set. That can be a little trickey. All in all it was fun and productive. The two that i dont own were parts kits that i helped 2 of my friends assemble. A little tweeking tuning polishing etc and 99.9 % reliable.
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    Wow, I can think of a LOT of 1911s I could get for under $700 without doing any work...

    However, $300 sounds tempting. Got any resources for us A.C.P.?
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    I own a few 1911s, but never thought of building one. Sounds like it could be a great project. Of course if I ever did build one, I would be too afraid to shoot it! :shock:
  10. A.C.P. Please send me a PM with all of that information included. I am about to try out for the USAF Pistol team and I need a match grade quality Target 1911 in .45. Rather than pay $1500.00 for one I'd rather build it for less. I am VERY interested in this venture. Thanks in advance.
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    Cool Primal! Good luck!.
  12. Yeah, it should be cool, if that dumbarse Sergeant will call me back. That guy is a retard.
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    Of course he is! That's a requirement for promotion to anything above E6 ;)
  14. He's only an E5 so he must be studying for promotion.
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    He'll get there, don't worry.
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    I have been wanting to build one for a very long time.. But it is over my head right now
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    I'd be all about giving this a go also. I dont have any kind of equipment, so I'd need fitted parts... maybe I'll just try to find a cheap used one :(
  18. I'd be very interested in doing this for around $300.

    Post info and links, please.
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    Before I got my RIA, I had contemplated building a 1911...but the fact I had zero experience with them negated that.
    I had let go several nice kits before I realized what they were...