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  1. just like the 1911 topic, has anyone done this here?
    i was looking at lowers on line and i found a good deal on "stag" and "dpms" both are forged but witch one is better?? or are they both = because there foged at the same place but diff brands names are put on them??
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    DPMS is a generally better known and higher quality firearm...hell, it oughta! Costs about $200 less for a lower at a show than for the whole thing at shop...

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    Are you thinking of actually building an AR, or putting two recievers together? Doing it the hard way is usually cheaper. That, and you gain some farmiliarity with it as well.
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    I am planning on building me a second AR, and will be using DPMS parts. The AR I have now is a DPMS Panther Lite 16 and the fit finish, and quality seems great. I have right at 1k rounds through it with 0 failures of any type. I still havent decided if I will sell it to fund a a3 uppered rifle, or just build another one and have two.

    That being said, Stag seems to have a good name in the AR community.

    Alot of the major AR companies use the same manufacturer for thier receivers that the small cheaper companies do.

    If you want the easiest way, look into getting a rifle kit. They come with everything you need minus the lower receiver, and run $500 and up.

    If you havent seen it, this is a good site for budget ar stuff.
  5. i am kinda in the mid. on if i want to get a striped lower ($80.00) and install the parts kit (around 70.00) myself useing this page as ref.
    (link taken from
    or stick with a complete lower for 165.00
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    Local shooters have had some problems with DMPS customer service here. Get your lower loaded. Get a RockRiver with the National Match trigger, It is really something! You will send some money but it is way worth it...
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    Nice pics on that XCR, chef...but he was asking for a "typical" AR build....
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    I understand that, i was just offering an alternative. The AR is a great weapon, but sometimes when offered an alternative, it "trips the trigger!" I wa looking for a new AR and asked for referrals when i i was told about the XCR. i did a ton of research and ended up with the XCR. But again, the AR is a great weapon.
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    I understand your pos.... but for all the future AR owners......CAN you build an XCR like an AR?
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    Nope right now you can't build a XCR, that is why in my 1st post I said,

    As i said all i did was offer an alternative, if that was out of line, my bad.
  12. i like alternatives because i feel like its always good to have options so your not nailed down to anything (and this is the reason ill be a bachelor for the rest of my life :wink: ) with that said i would like to build it my self, just a basic AR noting fancy. I'm going to try to spend around 500-600 for the hole thing, i like the idea of building one rather then buying a hole one because I'm a working stiff and i cant lay down 1500 for the XCR in one pop even though it is a REALLY NICE LOOKING RIFLE :D
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    I like the AR so much because I can go down to my local gun store and buy any part in the weapon. I am more the impatient type, so I dont want to wait two weeks or whatever it is to send my gun into the factory should it have a minor issue. Short of a catastrphic receiver or barrel failure, I am not sending my rifle to the factory anyway. You can get a pin and spring kit for under $50 and what would have been a end to your day at the range turns into a few minutes to replace a part.

    The gas piston systems are nice, but still WAY over priced in my opinion. I do believe it is a better system, I just dont believe at this time that the improvement in the gas system is worth the extra cost. Once again though, just my opinion.
  14. Where is anyone getting $80 lowers? Even Essential arms is $90+ with shipping minimum.

    I will paste a post of mine from sksboards.

    This is purely second hand from posts on various forums and comments of people I know as I have not had a full kit from any of these places, though I have bought separate parts from most of them at one time or other. All the links will vary as time goes on and may not carry what I listed at some point.

    Model1 sales - One of the 1st places that catered to entry level builders by selling kits. Some say they are substandard, others say they are fine, I have bought a barrel from them and I think its just fine myself.

    Also right now CMMG is selling some bargain carbines - $550

    It would be hard to build them for less.

    M&A - Roughly equivalent to Model1, are in fact related some way or other in the past.

    JT distributing - maybe a step up in quality. Double Star is some pretty well made stuff, their (Double star) lower parts kits are second to none.

    Del-ton - Good stuff reasonably priced

    Blackthorne - Cheapest parts on the net. But this company is the latest incarnation of Hesse/Vulcan which has one of the worst reputations out there. Some people have been pleased with their stuff as Blackthorne, other haven't been, do some research and decide if you want to gamble on them.

    Lowers can be had from a lot of places, just a couple that stood out recently. - stripped Superior arms lowers for $85 shipped, complete with M4 stock for $200 lower receiver.htm -stripped lowers for $91 shipped.

    Individual parts and other goodies - -Rock river, White Oak Armament dealer also does barrel profiling and fluting - lots of goodies, some high end and specialty - Sabre MFG dealer also carries HK style sights for the AR-15 - High quality parts maker, lots of options for uppers - LMT, Daniel Defense and Armalite dealer - Established dealer who recently went into manufacturing parts. Good stuff

    Then a good bunch of reading like said is on here is the build it yourself forum on there.
  15. alot of good info there. as for the 80$ lowers i was talking about they were from Essential, i just didnt add shipping :oops:
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    For cheap lowers, I like the look of the superior arms lower. They have a screw in the receiver so that you can adjust trigger creep. Now, it wouldn't be usefull if you are planning on a rra 2 stage or drop in trigger, but for a budget build it seems like it would be a nice function to have.
  17. i agree, i think im going to go with one of there lowers, now the 2 hard parts: paying for it :wink: and finding a ffl around here that will do it :evil: