Bulgarian 7.62x54r yellow tip at Sportsmans Guide

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  1. Picked up 900 rds for 50 bucks per 300 rd tin

    Sealed tins, opened one up, ammo looks factory fresh

    its the 182 gr yellow tip ammo

    They are selling two types, one type says its 182 gr Bulgarian, the other just says 182 gr military surplus, and is 2 bucks a tin cheaper.

    I got the cheap ammo and the tin I opened is Bulgarian and the other two tins look identical so I am pretty sure they are too

    Might think about getting some before it goes even higher.

    Remember to search the net for their coupons. I found one for 10 bucks off any order over 100........ every little bit helps!
  2. Ari

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    Nice going.. Better get more :(

  3. neothespian

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    Good price on the national level for Yellow tip. I say move on it.

    Me and the girl just picked up a tin of 330 rounds of Bulgarian Yellow Tip from J and G for $43, but that's only because we can drive there in about 90 minutes (Ok, one hour in her crappy but fast Honda Civic, and about 90 minutes in my shiny, reliable snail of a brick of a Chevy Tracker).

    We didn't pick up any more at the moment since I'm still only making part time pay, and I am closing in on my SKS and PA-63 purchase if I can turn a decent profit on the Honda Moped. Tried to ride it, and realized that it's a rickety deathtrap that would better serve to increase my arsenal than to make my Vespa jealous.
  4. Wish I could afford to pick up some more, but I just plain have too many pots in the fire right now if you know what I mean :cry:

    Otherwise I would pick up a couple of thousand rounds to sit on