Bulgarian Makarovs

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  1. Ari

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  2. I got that same kit with 6 mags, the flap holster plus a Fobus Mak1 paddle holster and the extra grip for $165.00 from a buddy at the shootin' range... Great gun, good price, I just got lucky.

  3. I checked their pricing on the milsurp stuff and they seem very high.
  4. Ari

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    The few k98s I saw there was not bad.. Do you think the 199 for Mak is high?
  5. Not for a Bulgarian, they're one of the better ones.
  6. hipoint.nut

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    That is the best price i have seen for a Bulgarian in a long time!!! Buy it!
  7. I bought one at AIM Surplus for $119.

    Of course that was about 3 years ago.
  8. hipoint.nut

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    They stopped importing all Makarovs into the country. The only 9x18 firearms being imported are the CZ-82, Feg PA-63, and the P-64.
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    A few years ago that wasn't such a good price but from what I've seen its a good price now.
  10. Ari

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  11. I paid $159 otd 2 yrs ago at a gunshop...got rid of it though...odd recoil.
  12. That's a good price on a Bulgarian Mak these days. I paid $175.00 for mine several years ago. At the time a local dealer had them for $225.00. I haven't seen one on the market in years.

    The reason they stopped importing them, is they ran out of them.

    I've got one. Don't particularly care for it. It kicks pretty hard really. Not uncontrolable or anything, but sharp, maybe snappy is the word. The hard grips don't help. On the other hand it does shoot good. Very accurate. I might trade it off or something one of these days.