Bulgarian Makarovs

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    Well, been wanting a couple for over 12 years. But didn't find a like new one. So I broke down and quit trying.
    Then, I saw an add from a Dealer in TN. who had some. Called him and he said he had some unissued ones from this last small import in March. So I bought one. Crap, it is an unissued one. I did put the original Brown grips on this one. The cheap ones they come with are so that these can be imported as a "sporter". Not a shooter.


    So, I ordered another one to see what I get. Oh Boy, another unissued one. The inside of the one above looks just like this. I also ordered another and got again, an unissued one. No pics yet of it. But looks identical!


    All three came in packed with a heavy grease that had dried in many areas. Took some time with soaking in WD40 or PB Blaster. Then wiped it all away. Finish is 100% inside and out. Even the feed ramps are blued. Not one scratch any where in/on the frame and slide rails. Just perfection.

    Anyway, I finally located a cheaper shooter to play with. On my fourth try.

    A friend of mine got one or two from this TN dealer and was also unissued. Couple from another board called the guy and got a couple on order right now. Don't know what they will have just yet, but bet they will be super. Caliber is 9x18 on these Military ones.

    Enjoy the pics and thanks for looking!
  2. Rerun

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    Purty looking pistols!

    You might ask Flyboy for background information about the 'Makarovs"... He's married to a Bulgarian gal and she just might know these folk.

    Hell, You might be related to Flyboy because the Bulgarians get around almost as much as the Tennessee folk or Arkansas or Louisiana or Kentucky folk do...

    Helpful eldar

  3. eldar's got my number. :p

    As I like to say when I'm out and about; I got two Bulgarians in my pocket: one to take the money and the other to defend her right to do so.
  4. Think1st

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    Nice looking pistol! You found a real piece of history, and it is as good as the day it left the factory.
  5. Bull

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    Pretty sweet!
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    Oh, last week my wife, Kathy, took my shooter one away from me. Claims it is hers now.
    Guess I may need to either find another shooter or use one of the unissued ones. :)
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    NE Utah
    Party foul called...

    What was the price?

    Good looking guns...but it's still funny to hear anyone worry about shooting a Bulgarian.:p
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    While I agree that it's hard to put the first rounds through a surplus that has obviously never been fired, still, it won't hurt its value for another 50 years or so. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Linky to the dealer maybe?
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    Kind of like my Swedish Mausers. I like to just look at some of the really fine ones. I have a lot of different guns to shoot. Too many really.

    Lets just say I like any Military weapon in new condition. Plus, some day can go to my son.Besides, how many Bulgarians have you seen in recent years that are new??
  11. OldOutlaw

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    "The Gun Crew" 615-294-5806 Talk to Brandon. He can describe what he has on hand. He had some yesterday as guy on another board bought one. They are in the Nashville, TN. area.

    $299 plus shipping. It is a LGS. Nice folks to deal with.
  12. I agree, they're usually already ready with the umbrella.
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    Peace favor your sword,