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  1. I did a search and did not find what I was looking for......and hopfully I'm in the correct thread.
    Has anyone purchased from Cabella's their "bulk" ammo? You know, the ones that come with the Dry Box. I was thinking of Maybe the 9's and .45 but wanted other peoples opinions IF they have purchased this.
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  3. ....I also read the reviews and it pretty much says that alot of people love them, but naturally only good for plinnking and also dirty. Alot also said they had no jams. Just curious if anyone from this forum has tried them.
    Thnx. again!
  4. when I looked I can get UMC and WWB 9MM for less money locally when on sale. so I save and buy a bunch.
  5. I can get the WOLF .45 at a much better $ locally too. The Dry/Metal Box posting here I did read before, BUT it was just something Cabella's added as a free-bee. Besides the box, it looks like I'm just better off purchasing my ammo locally.
    (I've had no problems at all shooting WOLF through my .45)
    Ok, just curious...thnx.!
  6. I looked at that too, but it was cheaper to buy blazer brass, for the .45 at Wally World.
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    My point was the box at Cabela's isn't that good/ sturdy.
    The ones UncleRob found at wally were much better.
    Cabela's is never a good deal to me on ammo- even with SALE items. It's a candy store, not a discounter.
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    I shoot THOUSANDS of rounds of Wolf ammunition a year since 1998 and very rarely do I ever have a problem.
  9. I've shot Wolf .40sw and never had a problem although I prefer Blazer Brass, but the Wolf .380 seems tempermental...and a whole lot dirtier than the Wally World assortment, not that I mind a little "durt" here and there since I like breaking down the guns after a good shoot, and plus I found the Wolf .380 on sale at Gander for 9.99 a box of 50 ct. :shock: which by .380standards is cheap!!!
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    I have simply found better ammo at better prices than Wolf.
    I have a few bad rounds, I hate Steel Case, and i expect it to be MUCH cheaper for the quality / quantity. Its "ok" but I can get WWB, Blazer Brass, Independence or Magtech for the same, and often cheaper price.
  11. The problem I have with ordering ammo online is they generally beat you up with shipping charges. I found several items I needed a while back at Cabelas a little cheaper than some other places, but when S&H was added I was gonna pay MORE from Cabela's than I was by going thru Natchez or MidwayUSA.

    As far as the Cabela's bulk ammo... tried some .38 Specials a couple years back that a friend ordered in one of the bulk pack w/ammo can orders. Ammo was decent for range shooting but a bit dirty.

  12. Yes, in the past I have purchased the bulk ammo from Cabelas, good for plinking and dirty but it worked, I also purchased bulk Wolf ammo at Cabelas for the AK.

    Cabellas is a bit overpriced but with their sales if you're careful you can get good deals.
    For example: I purchase Berry's plated bullets for reloading my 9mm cheaper from Cabellas than I can get them direct from Berrys.

    CAbellas does have a few good points, selection, a no hassle guarantee on everything they sell and alot of the Cabellas name brand items are of high quality and resonable price for what you get.
    I buy my Berrys bullets for the 9mm there along with most of my camping gear, all of my cast iron and I do alot of cooking with cast iron and alot of sweatshirts and coats from Cabellas.

    Not the best deal around for their bulk ammo but not too bad either if you live close to a store and don't need to have it shipped.
  13. The bulk 45acp that I bought from cabela's was ultramax factory(?)reloads (seems like a oxymoron dont it). It is good for plinking and it is a little on the dirty side, but for a while it was the only ammo my high point JHP 45 liked to eat, everything else jammed up.(after a good break in, it eats everything I feed it now.....)

    Catch it when its on sale and its not a bad deal.
  14. Yeah, that's what my 9mm and .45 were that I got at Cabelas, the AK was Wolf and it was a great price, $105 for 1,000 rounds. I got several cases.

    I'm going to cabelas this weekend so I'll see what the Wolf is now, been awhile.
  15. I buy my 9mm rounds at wal-mart $15.37 for 100rnd fmj and $19.36 for 100rnd hollow points both are winchester white box. once in a while you can find 250rnds of remmington for $29.97 (I buy every box i can the few times a year i see it at that price) :D
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    cabelas bulk ammo is made by ultramax though you have to prod them pretty hard to get the info out of them. Ultramax has a history of spotty QC and the price isnt that great as it is. Id advise staying away.

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    I think it depends on whoever gets them the best deal, and that changes frequently and by caliber. I have seen Wolf used in bulk Cablela's boxes of 9mm Para. They also use UltraMax and a Serbian brand.
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    entirely possible. The one time i contacted them about it i was told ultramax.