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    I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a bunch of shotgun shells. I bought my niece a 20GA mossberg and I want to take her out shooting with it. But walmart doesnt carry 20GA slugs. I went onto cabelas and they have sabot slugs for 3.99 for 5. I was thinking about getting a few. But i know somewhere I bought a 15 box os slugs for cheap. I think they were Federal. If anyone could give me a site to get some shells for a decent price I would greatly appreciate it.

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    I get my 12 Gauge from sportsmansguide.com
    I am a member and for SOME calibers I have found them unbeatable.

    12 guage 00 buck is the best deal I have yet found. .303 brit is the hands down best deal i have ever found. As for most other calibers IE 9mm 40s&w, and such you have to get very creative with using discount codes and shipping weights. But if your not a member the prices for the said above are still the best I have seen. I do not own a 20g but I am sure they have what your looking for at a very competitive price. Good luck.

  3. Farmington huh.... I have family that live there. Your walmart out there won't special order you 20 gauge slugs ? That would be a plus not having to pay shipping. I know here if I need something semi-specific the guys are more then willing to help out when I ask them nicely lol.
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    I actualy went down to the local Dicks Sporting Goods. They had Remington 20GA 2 3/4" Slugs for 2.97 a 5/PK. I bought 10 boxes to hold me and my niece over for when the snow clears.