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  1. I went to my local gun shop to pick up some powder and bullets. I didn't end up getting any because they wanted 21 bucks for a pound of bullseye and 57 bucks for 500 180grain 40cal bullets FMJ. I thought this was alittle to much for what I was getting. What prices are you guys paying?
  2. $15 for a pound of Bullseye and $15 for 200 230 gr LRN bullets in .45 acp, $20 for 1,000 primers.

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    $28.99 for 1 lb of Win 231, Primers are 25.99/1000 and I will not buy lead or fmj local because the prices are way too high. Even at the gunshows. I was heading into CT for this stuff but the gun shop I was dealing with just went out of business.
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    Do what ever you have to do to get the stuff as prices are not going down.
  6. I totally agree with Ari... When I get my taxes back, I am buying nothing but powder and primers in bulk... I am about to start casting my own bullets, so there's a savings there. Whatever way you can save yourself money is the best way to go.

    Anyone ever think that they won't ever ban guns, just make it so we can't afford to pull the trigger?
  7. 15.99 for hodgon clays, 25.00 500 pack lrn missouri bullet. 2.75 winchester sm pistol primers.
  8. I buy a 50 round box of Blazer Brass FMJ 45ACP at wally world for $15... was that a typo there?
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  10. GOTCHA! Makes more sense. I was really hoping that was the case.
  11. I pay $19.99 for 1# Unique, $21.29 for 1# HP-38 and $19.99 for 1# TiteGroup.

    Winchester Small Pistol Primers are $29.99 per 1k, another shop has CCI SPP's a bit cheaper so I will get them next. I buy ALL my powder and primers locally, otherwise you will end up with a $25 haz-mat fee per order, powder and primers can no be shipped togather and must be sent USP Ground.

    I buy bullets in small lots locally to do my test loads with, then order online in bulk if the test loads perform well. Prices vary but MidwayUSA generally has good prices on bullets, other places have good deals too but you have to watch shipping and lead sur charges at some places, otherwise they will kill you when you try and check out.
  12. I like berry's Prium Plated bullets. http://www.berrysmfg.com/ I have been using them almost exclusivly for years. I can pump out .45 ACP 230grain JRN for under $8 a box usually. I just got my equipment set back up this weekend after the move and was in too big of a hurry to order stuff online or look for deals locally, so yet again I hung my head in shame and went to Gander Mountain. Bought 200 rounds of Hornandy 230grain JRN, a pount of unique, and 300 Winchester primers for about 65 bucks and am ready to rock and roll this week sometime after work. Will be putting an order to Berry's for a thousand rounds here soon. This lead surcharge some places are doing is getting crazy though and am getting ready to start casting. Berry's is $10 surcharge per 250 bullets, bringing it to 46.15 delivered, or 18cents a round.