Bullet casting type???

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  1. I am looking into casting 9mm bullets. I was thinking of going for this mold for my bullets......

    I will be shooting these out of my 995 and pistols.


    Or would this be better????


    Or what do you recomend.... I was hoping to not have to get a high dollar size/lube kit..... So I figured the tumble lube bullets would be better.... Hope I am not way off........

    I have read alot about this, have just never done it......

    Thanks in advance for all of the help.
  2. screwylewie

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    Round nosed bullets tend to feed better.

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    +1 to ScrewyLewie. That is what I was going to say.
  4. Ari

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    Round nose man!
  5. Well that is 3 let it be written... Round nose it is!
  6. You won't go wrong with the round nose type. I use the Lee round nose 125 grain bullet with the single lube groove. I started out bullet casting using the tumble lube bullets. I should probably still be using them, as they're as good or better than conventional designs, and they definitely won't lead your barrel when using Lee Alox lube.

    You chose wisely. ;)

  7. Well I got my melter tonight. Went with a lee production pot 4. 10lbs.

    Cant wait to get my bullet mold flux and all the other goodies. I got a couple friends of mine that are mechanics so finding wheel weights shouldnt be a issue. Already have a guy that has 2 5 gal buckets full for me. (called him 2 days ago!!!)

    I am excited like a kid with a new cap gun and no caps!!!!!!!!
  8. Speaking of cast bullet lubes...

    What do you guys prefer to lube your cast pistol bullets with? Lot of folks say good thinks about the Lee Liquid Alox. My primary casting exp has been with muzzleloading round ball, MINI's and REAL's. Never cast for 9mm but looking into it come spring/summer.
  9. This is my first attempt at casting! And it has been awhile since I have reloaded.

    I am going to try out the Lee Alox. I have heard good things about it so I will see for myself.
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    Lee claimed in his book that Alox not only kept the barrel from leading it removed some lead that was already in the barrel (on their test barrel that is)
  11. Yeah I just got done reading that chapter like 2 nights ago. I looked around some other forums and I have heard some decent reviews on the ALOX
  12. How much was that melter that you bought Stryker? When I get home *9 days and counting* and you get back to Bliss, you'll have to stop by and show me what all you've got. Also, this time, you're not just going to go shooting, you're gonna stay for supper too... I hope your hungry, my wife makes a MEAN seafood alfredo....
  13. Yeah I got it at sportmans warehouse for $53.00. That was 2 dollars cheaper than midway (after shipping).

    And to tell you the truth you are the reason I have got back into reloading. So I blame all of this on you!!!!!!

    The good news is I just spent about a hour and a half looking for wheel weights. One shop gave me a 5 gal bucket full!!! (that thing has to be 150 lbs) I also went to a semi tire shop they gave me a 5 gal bucket almost half way full. I also have another line on some more semi weights this afternoon...... Hope that goes well. I will post some pics later.

    As far as dinner.............OK!!!!!! I will never turn down some home cooking!!!!!! So THANKS IN ADVANCE MRS. PRIMAL
  14. Here are the pics.

    The bottom one is the semi one and the top is the biggest car one I could see.

    Here is the Melter


    A friend of mine just gave me all of this too! It was in his garage.....
  15. Alot of that brass is pretty much toast, but you can recycle that and get paid for it. That's a good thing. Any money you can get from your hobbies is money in the bank. Looks good dude.

    Also, do you have to get some ingot molds for when you melt the lead? Melt the lead, make the 1 pound ingots and then melt the ingots when you are ready to start casting the bullets themselves?
  16. That was the plan bro. Just waiting to get them and the flux.....

    You might have a big box of bullets to try when I get the molds!!!!!!!!

    I also have some other suprises for ya Primal.....

    Alot of that brass is blanks so most of it if not all (for sure all of the blank) Will head to the recycler. Unless someone here wants to trade for some 9mm.
  17. Stryker1

    You hit the jackpot with all those wheel weights!! As soon as I get a couple things taken care of I will be moving my casting gear up a few spots on the Need To Get list.
  18. Yeah I cant wait to see what the guy has for me tomorrow. He just asked if I needed the stick ons ar clamp style. I replied yes. lol I will post up with what I got.
  19. screwylewie

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    Stryker1, be carefull of the stick on type. I have not had any experience with them, but have heard they are/contain zinc. zinc has a slightly higher melt temp, however zinc will contaminate your lead and will not fill your molds correctly. This is what I have heard, like I said I have no experience with the stick on type or zinc. Anyone who has or knows if this is incorrect please chime in.
  20. Thanks for the info I will take all I can get!!!!! Looks like I will hold off on those until I hear back