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  1. Has anyone checked the price of Rainer or Berry bullets lately?
    Cabela's. Berry's.
    115 Gr. RN Per 250 $37.99.
    Last time I bought these they were $18.99.
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    Buy what you can now! I have a good friend in wholesale at a very large sporting goods wholesaler. He told me prices are going to just about double again in febuary-march across the board on most reloading components, especially brass and bullet but also large increases in powder and primers. I think alot of reloaders who don't already cast their own bullets and shoot lead are going to start pretty soon.

  3. screwylewie

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  4. Ummm.......Where?
  5. screwylewie. Thanks for the info. Those look like last years prices.

    I just spent a bunch of money!!

  6. Ari

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    It's there a reason you would not buy Berry's from Berry himself? 250 9mm 115gr $16
  7. Ari,
    I just checked their prices, Graf is still cheaper then buying from Berry's directly.
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    But are they cheaper than buying from Jarhead? LOL
  9. My local reloaders supply/gun shop gets their bulk orders from Graf & Son's commercial side, and last time I was in they had all new stock on the shelves and prices were substantially higher than the previous month. Component prices are going up so it pays to shop around before making a bulk order purchase.
  10. I know Bob & Marg Graf I'll try to find out about the prices and let youall know.
    Thay are building a new building just South of Mexico Mo.I hope thay move there retail store there.Now it is about a mile N of the wholsale store.
  11. Ari

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    I bought some brass from Grafs I really liked dealing with them